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This game was insightful. It puts the player in a deeper state of being in order to answer the questions truthfully. I did not mind the building textures, but I was able to focus on the massive stages and all of their intricacies. The artwork and renderings are a bit odd, but beautiful in their own manner. Regardless if this is a test or game, it is combined into a stranger and revealing experience.  I admired the moving pieces while looking deeper than the surface of these grand contraptions to categorize each picturesque attraction to one word. The feeling of being lost in a madhouse is always following you, almost as if you are in the labyrinth from the Shining, without the killer of course. In the end, I was confused by the last phrase, however just as in this game, I am left with the overall perspective of the depicted scenery.  Even the posters resembling World War Two propaganda peaked my interest and established the  deeper tone even further. The music is unmoving, rather present and keeps the player on edge thinking in the moment. As a game, this was a different indie creation than what I am accustomed to, nonetheless a great and interesting development. I can only hope you/ the development team will continue this obscure and wonderful experiment. 

Absolutely original. 


Thank you for the time you put into experiencing the TSOTG evaluation software. Your form was received and analyzed by clinical staff. Expect form 73-D in your mail box in the coming day.