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This was a short and bitter-sweet game. I loved the overall tone of it, it was fairly cheerful until the end. It had some funny and random RPG monsters in it which were cool enough on its own. I really liked the beginning story, kind of reminds me of the Greek myth of Orpheus. For a game jam especially, this deserves props and respect, it has the capacity to make the player feel, and that is what matters. Even in this small game, it has the ability to connect to the player's inner values because of the tragedy beneath its surface. I really enjoyed the design and winter features, they really mesh with the sadness this game carries. Super fun, easy and relaxing, but still very deep. Excellent work!


Thank you HaydenRaven for playing my game and for your feedback. Thanks also for making a Let's play video. Have a great day. :) 

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Sorry for some English grammar error. I already fixed them and updated the game. :)

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Hey i was wondering if you could give a game im making with RPG Maker VX Ace a try! I've designed the game by myself, including the loading screens, Map icon, Combat voice acting for the Main character and all of the music.  :)Here is a trailer for my game.
I'm uploading it on my Itch also, and the new version will have a level up system that does not interrupt gameplay.
by the time you get around, hopefully the game will be uploaded on my Itch. 

I also apologize for seeming to just barge in with my post, i didn't really know where else to post to contact you. ^^: