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Any and all is welcome!
How do you like the Music?
Should i make an easier version?
Are my maps up to your standards?
I'd love to hear from you.

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Hello! Where did you experience this error at? Was it with Judith and you made it to the Galdevale without Resurrecting Relic? If so, this error will always occur and unfortunately i cannot fix it. Relic HAS to be alive when you reach Galdenvale and thank you for the compliments! I'm still ironing out bugs and issues as people play!
Thank you for your report and feedback.

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Greatly appreciated! Thank you!! I DO have a 2d turn based game also, which interestingly that entire game's maps became the DLC area for The Legend of Relic

Also added in an Autosave Function

Oh crap!! I am so sorry!! I have the game uploaded on multiple sites and its hard for me to keep track of all of them, plus i am also working on my Prequel. >W< I still need to update the Archon Version to include all my additional new areas and DLC area.

Thank you! This looks amazing. I'll be sure to credit you.

MA PORN!!! XD This game cracks me up, every time!  From someone whose made The Firefly, you go and make this. LMFAO Well this is also coming from someone whose made serious, sentimental, tear jerking music before, who has turned around and made music out of fart sounds. XD

Rename the Audio file, Basically.

Ooh okay  :)

Thanks man!!!!! Can you think of any other ways the game can improve? :)

Absolutely You will! :D

LMFAO! Ma porn videos are there!! Did i read that correctly?! XD YES I DID!!

I also apologize for seeming to just barge in with my post, i didn't really know where else to post to contact you. ^^:

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Hey i was wondering if you could give a game im making with RPG Maker VX Ace a try! I've designed the game by myself, including the loading screens, Map icon, Combat voice acting for the Main character and all of the music.  :)Here is a trailer for my game.
I'm uploading it on my Itch also, and the new version will have a level up system that does not interrupt gameplay.
by the time you get around, hopefully the game will be uploaded on my Itch.