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Hey there, thank you for checking out my game and for the feedback!

I, too, feel like that could've been possible but when I was working on it it was like 5-6 AM and I honestly couldn't bother lol.
When the jam's over, I'll try to fix it up.  By the way, all the music credit goes to darlingS-- she did a great job on making it!

Hopefully you still enjoyed it though!

Ey, thank you! I know there's a lot of chance involved and it is supposed to be frustrating. At least kinda.
I didn't have much time to think about it though, but either way ig that's my fault lmfao

Still, thank you for checking it out! I'll think about the ammo

Thank you! The fireballs aren't really in a pattern so yeah I kinda messed up there lol

Thank you! Considering the player, I might update the game after the jam's fully over.
Also, the ghost enemies are actually wizards shooting fireballs lmfao

Loved it!

cool game! enjoyed it!

thanks! took some inspirations from 1-bit games lol

Really cool idea!

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Nicely done game! One small grudge though-- if there's full white in the background, it's hard to see the text sometimes unless you somehow make it appear on a darker object.

Overall, nice!

Thanks! Be aware that this is practically a old collection, but it should include most of the songs lmao


No no, of course not.

Also, I kind of understand now, I was just judging it as a game. 

Best regards,


i got it to work yeeee

seems like a very short game. pretty depressing actually. there's no point to this game. heck, i can't really call it a game, since it's a few images. 

overall, kinda misleading (it TALKS about rape but INVOLVE content)


I just played your remake, not bad at all! I really liked it!

I was wondering if I can contact in anyway (for example Discord)! Want to ask a few questions in private.

Hope you're doing well!

Take care,


very epic


Really cool! I wish there was also Hungarian text aswell! (Since i am Hungarian but English will work for me too)

Uhh...excuse me but what is your email adress?

Hey, i'm having a bit of a problem...I wanted to buy FAITH: Deluxe and Faith: Chapter 2 but didn't work. Can you help?

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reminds me of windows 98

No problem

iz gud

it's a unity game. you need to download the files, create a folder, and paste every single file that you downloaded

Hey, Endless, plz can i have a free copy of the game? plz? I really want to  play this game, wathed youtubers playing it, but can't afford the game. My email:

My channel: GamesComplete

Hey, endless, This game so cool, i want to try it out, but can't afford it. I really want to play this game , so can i get a free copy of the game? plz?



1. Make an secret answer to  the impossible question.

2. Plz make a BETTER ending.

3. Make an freind that helps you a little bit.

4. Make trick Baldi. (Like if you  open a door and go to a another room then you can trick Baldi.)

5. Make a BACKSTORY to Baldi why he is so evil.

Welp. You're right.