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Thanks! Be aware that this is practically a old collection, but it should include most of the songs lmao


No no, of course not.

Also, I kind of understand now, I was just judging it as a game. 

Best regards,


i got it to work yeeee

seems like a very short game. pretty depressing actually. there's no point to this game. heck, i can't really call it a game, since it's a few images. 

overall, kinda misleading (it TALKS about rape but INVOLVE content)


I just played your remake, not bad at all! I really liked it!

I was wondering if I can contact in anyway (for example Discord)! Want to ask a few questions in private.

Hope you're doing well!

Take care,


very epic


Really cool! I wish there was also Hungarian text aswell! (Since i am Hungarian but English will work for me too)

Uhh...excuse me but what is your email adress?

Hey, i'm having a bit of a problem...I wanted to buy FAITH: Deluxe and Faith: Chapter 2 but didn't work. Can you help?

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reminds me of windows 98

No problem

iz gud

it's a unity game. you need to download the files, create a folder, and paste every single file that you downloaded

Hey, Endless, plz can i have a free copy of the game? plz? I really want to  play this game, wathed youtubers playing it, but can't afford the game. My email:

My channel: GamesComplete

Hey, endless, This game so cool, i want to try it out, but can't afford it. I really want to play this game , so can i get a free copy of the game? plz?



1. Make an secret answer to  the impossible question.

2. Plz make a BETTER ending.

3. Make an freind that helps you a little bit.

4. Make trick Baldi. (Like if you  open a door and go to a another room then you can trick Baldi.)

5. Make a BACKSTORY to Baldi why he is so evil.

Welp. You're right.