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Wow, what a totally fun and not suspicious looking game at all! (Great job btw this made me feel pretty uneasy lol)

thanks a lot for this! i love the original björtfx but this made my life easier for new projects lol

great work!

this review conveys multiple complex feelings, and i applaud you for that

here's my game:

great game!!!

Not bad!


Maybe try focusing on the game by clickin' on it?

Nice game! ;D

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godDAMN this one is great

gordon ramsay but he kills you in his own pancake cooking show

Thanks for checking it out! By the way, space is already there for jumping. In fact, it's the only button input for Jumping so far...

Hey, thanks! I wanna admit that level design and tilesets... uh... aren't really my strong suit. But it was kinda my only decision if I wanted to get it done real fast so here we are lol. The score counter juts grants you bragging rights on "who got the highest score ooOOOO".

Thanks for the feedback!

I mean... this has a meow SFX. How can you go wrong?!

Nice game!

Cool game!

Nice game! I really like the artstyle!

Great game!

Nice game! Really like the art and the puzzles too!

Great game!

I really liked it! The artstyle reminded me of the FAITH trilogy. I liked the little gameplay segments too. Good job!

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Hey there everyone! The name's hatoving.

I'm currently working on a game called "The School of Zanzibar", which is just an attempt at making you laugh and scared. It's made with idiotic decisions in mind; all the game does is offer a story and parodies other "hip and trendy" horror games that either were out for years or just came out into the wild.

The game is currently in development (+ It's my first horror game!), I'd say halfway done as of 1/16/23, so any kind of criticism is kindly appreciated!

Here are some screenshots of the current build (plus some stupid shit that nobody cares about):

Nice game! Unfortunately the grammar mistakes do kinda ruin the experience, but other than that, good job!

this was kind of a bore to play ngl
feel like it's trying to be the next "poppy playtime", but meh, just my opinion tho

oh god i didn't actually think anyone would play this lmfao

thanks for playing! the game was deliberately made to be weird as all hell, so i think i succeeded in that

the sequel we didn't ask for, but the one we needed

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Hey there, thank you for checking out my game and for the feedback!

I, too, feel like that could've been possible but when I was working on it it was like 5-6 AM and I honestly couldn't bother lol.
When the jam's over, I'll try to fix it up.  By the way, all the music credit goes to darlingS-- she did a great job on making it!

Hopefully you still enjoyed it though!

Ey, thank you! I know there's a lot of chance involved and it is supposed to be frustrating. At least kinda.
I didn't have much time to think about it though, but either way ig that's my fault lmfao

Still, thank you for checking it out! I'll think about the ammo

Thank you! The fireballs aren't really in a pattern so yeah I kinda messed up there lol

Thank you! Considering the player, I might update the game after the jam's fully over.
Also, the ghost enemies are actually wizards shooting fireballs lmfao

Loved it!

cool game! enjoyed it!

thanks! took some inspirations from 1-bit games lol

Really cool idea!

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Nicely done game! One small grudge though-- if there's full white in the background, it's hard to see the text sometimes unless you somehow make it appear on a darker object.

Overall, nice!

Thanks! Be aware that this is practically a old collection, but it should include most of the songs lmao


No no, of course not.

Also, I kind of understand now, I was just judging it as a game. 

Best regards,


i got it to work yeeee

seems like a very short game. pretty depressing actually. there's no point to this game. heck, i can't really call it a game, since it's a few images. 

overall, kinda misleading (it TALKS about rape but INVOLVE content)


I just played your remake, not bad at all! I really liked it!

I was wondering if I can contact in anyway (for example Discord)! Want to ask a few questions in private.

Hope you're doing well!

Take care,


very epic