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Very mind-bending controls but once I understood, I had a great time. The game is both challenging and calm/relaxing. One picky thing is the multiple layers of tiles and colors made it had to see what the environment was made up of. All around great job!

Very cool idea. It was sort of hectic to type while the ship was moving. I could see adding more commands to check radar or shoot missiles, etc in the future. 

I had this issue on Linux and Firefox. Had to switch to Chrome and it worked great.

I really enjoyed the concept. I could see this being an arcade game with multiple UFOs or some players as UFOs and some as farmers. The game played very smooth. Great job!

Everything about the game game together very well. The music and visuals and overall package felt complete. I wanted to see what the other levels were but I could not get past the 3rd level it was too hard for me. Excellent work!

This felt like a very complete game and it was super enjoyable to play. I loved the combination of both quick action and strategic thinking. The title made me think it would be a super goofy game but it ended it up being a mental exercise :D

Super spooky game! I really liked all the characters, and the lighting was beautiful. The platform part was a bit tedious, but it did feel good to get all the way through it. Great job!

Thanks so much for checking it out!

I love tower defense so I was totally on-board! I could definitely see this being developed with more maps and enemy types. My one wish is a fast forward button! Awesome game.

Love the mazes being randomly generated. The first level I played was easy while the second level was much more challenging. I would love to see more levels being added but over all a very simple and fun game.

Very unique idea! The animations and gameplay flowed so well. A good amount of challenging without being frustrating. I found it immensely calming.. even when all the trees were on fire :)

Such a hectic game but I had a blast! I could see this being an arcade game with co-op play.

Appreciate the feedback!

The way you combined the assets was super creative. The mechanics made for a very exciting game. The map was engaging the explore. I went for the secret crystal and lost it all :(

The aiming turrets were very difficult with how slow the ship goes, I ended up just spamming rocks into the rooms which wasn't too satisfying because I couldn't see the enemies. Maybe the rocks surrounding could be a shield? 

All around very complete experience, awesome work!

I almost had ending 4, but gave up thinking I had broken the game (silly me). Then got ending 3 and went back and played again to see what would happen and when I got 4 it was so satisfying! Very clever!

The use of the assets is very out-of-the-box and the lighting is gorgeous! 

I was on the edge of stopping before I got an ending. I'm glad I didn't, but I wasn't quite understanding the two seller mechanics and how it was progressing the game. 

It felt very complete with the intro, audio, varied map, and visuals (the burning houses were so satisfying!). The small RTS and mechanics I enjoy, and I could see interesting maps taking advantage of different terrain and resource placement for future.

My main issue was that it was hard to gauge how I was doing and my progress in the game. Maybe some mini health bars on the NPCs and some more direction on where to go/status.  Also, I did have issues with goblins getting stuck in the water but seems you're aware.

Overall it's so enjoyable to run around with a cadre of goblins and cause havoc, well done! 

Thanks for being patient and trying the pck trick. I'm going to take more time for playtesting and tidying up the page in the future!

Thanks for the feedback!

Oops, I've uploaded the exe with the pck. Thanks for letting me know.

Thanks for offering! Here's my submission if you're able to take a look: