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Hana Chan

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My games was made by 3D render by using Unity 3D, 3D max and blender. Those programs are specified for 3D motions and make some effects in your game! make it real !

My dashboard game:


Dead Elixir game:


Theme park game:


My game is called (Dead Elixir). This game is about a kingdom, this kingdom controlled by a kind king and irresponsible son and courage hero. One day the celebration of a new king has been chosen and everyone has been celebrating happily then the main event begin when everyone has to drink from an elixir for the new king. But for a second the celebration become chaos and everyone run in every side and one of the citizen said "Help me!! help zombie! it is a zombie" so the king realize that there is something awful happened. he said"everyone relax please it is just a one zombie we can defeated it!" but the worst scenario has become! all the citizens that have been beaten become vampire zombie!. a zombie who can survive more than normal zombie and can kill most of their victims by drinking their blood and become zombies!. So, who can defeat those monsters? and how can you know the secret of this Elixir! 

Screen Shoots:

My Game Link:


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Unity 3D engine:

The most used program for Game developer, you can used any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, PSP Vita, Tv samsung and even android and ios and blackberry) etc.... Unity (commonly known as Unity3D) is a game engine and integrated development environment (IDE) for creating interactive media, typically video games.

Many games have been created by unity:

  • Shadowgun (Madfinger Games, 2011) 
  • Temple Run (Imangi Studios, 2011) 
  •  Temple Run 2 (Imangi Studios, 2013) 
  •  Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online (EA Sports, 2011)
  • World Series of Poker: Full House Pro (Microsoft, 2013)


  • Unity was named an Apple Design Award Runner-up for "Best Use of Mac OS X Graphics" at Apple's WWDC - this is the first time that a game development tool reached the level of quality and ease of use required to win this prestigious award.
  • Unity was named the #1 game engine that Game Developer readers use for traditional and casual games
  • Unity won the Best Programming/Development Environment Award at the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference (CEDEC) in Japan
  • Unity ranks #1 for mobile game developer technology survey, topping the list with 53.1% of developers reporting using Unity.

This is my profile including the games:


The games:



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ahhh, okaaay i will gave u the games so far sorry!

Here is the links: 



I release a new game called "Dead Elixir", this game is about a kingdom and their innocent people. In this game you will play a hero which is the best friend of king's son and the right hand of the king. You will see a celebration of the new king and the new year in this kingdom but a suddenly attack happened and most of the citizens died and become demons!. you need to figure out the reason behind this mess and try to kill them because they will not become human again. 

My Game Screen Shoot:

My game Link:


:D :D okaaay thank u

ohh thanks for ur words :D :D i didnt really complete my novel yet. but you can see my work in my profile and gave me ur feedback! :D, i appreciate your opinion 

I'm just new here but i really liked this website! 

Ohh, yeah i forgot. I'm Nurhan, Unity gamer developer ( self-employeed) and i made 2 games. And i currently study Android for my job career. I made a games since 2015 and make Apps since 2017. Also i made a self-novel about a girl who has a horrible past and a strange power that can transform her into a demons!. 

I also enjoy, reading manga and novels (Mystery and science fiction) , watching Anime (Japanese and Chinese) and Dramas (Japanese). I'm big fan of Agatha Criste books and watched all her dramas and films. My favorite film "Murder on the orient express" and my best drama "Then, there were none". 

This is my community page:


This is my page: 


My games:

1- 3D theme park: ( Google play, Windows, Mac)


2- Dead Elixir Game: (Mac, Windows, Linux) 


ahh, you mean in dashboard!, yeah i already added them all!

Sorry but where is the OP?

uhmmm, will i add here in replay or edit my page? 

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This is the description of my Profile so far.

first i made 2 games (one in android and one in PC (windows, Mac) by using platforms in Unity 3D software). First game is about theme park which you have an avatar (unity-chan), you have to seek for looking at the park and collecting coins then go find the mystery door that lead you to another level of the game which is Racing game. in racing game, you have to beat your oppontment but be careful of the cars out there.

Screen shoot Theme Park: 

My game Link:


In my second game, called "Dead Elixir", a kingdom made celebration for the new king but alot of things happened suddenly and all the people become demons! so you need to find way to resolve this mystery! and killed those people because they will never be human again. 

My 2nd game screen shoot:

This is my Profile games: 


amazing game

Here is my game too.



This is my game in Unity 3D:


you dont have version for mac? 

This is my game 


good one 

Can u download my game please ?


Wooow. how did you make this game? It is really amazing u know 

Can u please see my game too, 


Wooow ! how did you do such an amazing art and game <3 i really like it <3

here is my game :D:D come and see my collections 


ohh what an interesting game!, the scene in this snap shoots make me want to play it now!

is it a price or for free? u only have platform for Windows? ohhh it is oki i will download it any way. 

My game for an exchange in ur game


You will like it really .... it is unity game 

Don't you have Mac version? 

Ahhh, you see i have a game in Windows platform you can download it if you want


i will download ur games <3 i really looking forward to ur game but can you please download my game first


your games is amazing :DD: 

Can you please download my game?


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Looks interesting

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I like the design <3