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Cool, hope people can use them and make some games or whatever they want to do! :)

Took me some time to see what was going on with the cubes. Plus I tried a death\teleport jump on cube strategy that worked in the end of the levels but not where I first tried it. Mkek meow!

I would say it is a try...don't be so hard on yourself. :)

I did listen to some music and defended a bullied victim. Mkey!

Thanks, glad you like it! :)

I newer knew badgers like to suck worms like pasta but I wanted them all! :)) Cute and fun! :)

Welcome! :))

Hello, glad you liked it and since you mentioned the word" love "here is another fun fact of the heart: and average size human can fit inside a blue whales heart! :)

Hello, well I did manage to get it but took me some time, 99  just like "99 red balloons go by" the song. :) Domino House would be on Steam on late October if all goes well. :)

I know I don't know...But I tried burning the fossil with the candle,threw it from the top to smash it, used it as a ladder to reach some ledges. nothing happened.A dream is still a dream I guess. the fireplace reminded me a bit of Arx Fatalis. :)

some feedback:  Hop Hwoop ...EAHHH for a few  X on the list. :)

These days you never see lumberjacks in skates no more! I liked it but it is a bit stressful for me when games have timers. :( Oh well, at least I got to swing an axe!

my catto saving  range was 1 to 15 but then I wondered what if I be selfish catto? but then I wondered even more to see what is this catto I am saving and got this from the google:Oh boy!

I think the aim is to make all squares white...but a lazy cat is all that I could muster! :)

I have a snakey feeling that this hedgehog is never going to escape! Oh well, I did try for 60 seconds! :)At least give the hedgehog a boost or one stick of butter to help him eat a snake! 

Very nice although two of the rooms made me use the hints. Oh yea, and right before I was about to finish a bee came out of the flower and stung me pretty bad! see?

Got to level three. It has a nice atmosphere and also a good purple amount!:) Game-play is nice but you start of on the second level with already lots of spikes...maybe gradually more spikes to higher levels. :) And maybe gems can be some friends to save.

Hey,  we would like to make it until October this year... Ah yes the ears  are tricky, but congrats for your badger-like  determination! I am glad you liked the game.:)

I din't like that I had to bring free people into a company! :)) Also had hard time realizing that you need to stay near (not on the letter) to activate it with z... part of the game I guess. :)Mkey!

Hello, thanks for playing... the demo has only 3 secrets the full game will have more. :) 

I mingled a bit with the game! Nice with fluid controls response!  I thought the first boss was harder then the second one...I never got to a possible third one.:) 


(If box not opened)Find two light-switches in the room>flip them to open the pipes on the shower. See the code for the box. open the box. Click on the non-star marked buttons. Figure out an order for those 3 buttons. :) Hope it helps...If not you can check  video walk-trough from the tube. 

Hello, there should be no bug. But did you open the box once and now you are looking on the inside box buttons or the box looks not open ?For each scenario you have: a solution but  there is nothing to do with the stars from the sky.
Thanks for playing the game!

Fun game but I kinda gave up after collecting 8 penguins or whatever bird they are! :)

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I jumped about for 3 crystals or was it two? :) Mkey ok, maybe by clicking and holding the mouse button you could have some level of adjusting the bomb power.:)

Thanks for playing and for taking the time to make a video walk-trough with your game experience! :) 

Too bad we didn't get a chance to obtain badges for the achievements!:)That  would have been: The Tip of the iceberg for us! I wonder If I should start making improved art and more levels for this game... 

Domo arigato! :) I am glad you liked it!

Glad you had fun! :)


I am a fan of dragon ball that is why I decorated the room with it..But since I noticed it gives people more trouble, maybe I will remove it!  Hints would not be a bad idea but I am not sure how  we can manage to do them...Am official walk-trough should be present on the  completed game.

Did you meant completed or your mind thought of more complicated puzzles? Either way Thanks for playing! :)

Hopeful they can bring a smile to somebody's face.:)

Cool,  don't know when I will be doing more cube stile models but yeah, it is more like a Halloween themed pack. :)

Cool...does it have a final? All i managed to do is make checkerboard squares then i tied placing them in the fire but they keep fling off the screen! :)) 

Would be cool to have something made on the top part that you can use then on the bottom!:)

:) Now I can use WASD!:)Maybe as a experiment I would have used the mouse left and right clicks as pedals for the bicycle so you can go faster or slower depending on how fast you alternate push them.and still use WASD to steer!:)) 

Nice but I had trouble navigating because my arrow keys are all in one button. hard to play it like that ...maybe make it so you can use w.a.s.d or maybe not, maybe I am the only one that has a keyboard with arrow-keys fused into one universal mambo-jumbo! :)

Hey, you got the secret with the clown too? If you get a message with:"Thanks for playing the demo!"you finished the demo game...if not you must do more. :) 

Hello and thanks for playing the demo! I can't get you the full reply for your refrigerator problem  but I can tell you that the fridge has a left and a right button and that the cabinet above the sink has a left and a right door and on those doors some  writing. hope it helps!:))

Thanks for playing! Hope you did have a good time!