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Cool game, too bad i did not make the rig to play with rains, but was fun to roll around cows. Ifelt like a dung beetle for a moment and then predator (when in hyperdrive)also talking to chickens reminded me of a Murakami book. The VFX are very nice especial that cow head idol that has a kult of the lamb quality to it. Very nice game! 

Check a you tube demo  walktrough?

Hello Jen(with a funny a hat) glad you liked the demo! All localization was done by volunteers so maybe some of it is their bad(but still I am very grateful that they did what they did) The play button might be my bad because I'm dyslexic so sometimes I tend to rearrange the same letters but in a different way. With the fixing part I don't know when its going to happen. And for the money for the game part :if the game would have been very successful it would be on the pirate market already but is not so: :)))) i hope you run into money Or Lilou might give you a steam key! 

Congrats, mister cosmic cat!

Nice cozy  game, frog drone was very hard to land for me, but somehow I did manage to open the barn, rock paper scissors game reminded me of machinarium :)

the light grey that looks like a stripe is not a stripe if you are missing a stripe from another location, the stripe from left is near cake that you can take. 


 then it could be lots of spots ...maybe you can check a you-tube walk-trough! 

stripe?  maybe cats tail is the key?

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Somewhere in here there is a copied link to a cute cat that sends Korean love to all! 

Hello, thanks for playing and I am glad you liked the game! 
(n.n) i do exist also says the newborn bunny to the web! 

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The zebra appreciates your effort! Is probably feeling  good to know you helped somebody get back on their feet!...yes the woods hold many mysteries ...also a good place to find mushrooms lol! Also Fun Fact about Zebras: they stripe patter  is unique to each zebra sort of like a fingerprint is to a human!

Hey, glad you enjoined the game/demo also is nice  to  know that at least some people are interested in the facts! :)) don't know if there is going to be more games like this because of lack of funds /support  but maybe next game  will hold some sorts of hints for at least some of the puzzles! 

Ham i'll give a hint, the earrings from the demon show direction, and the shape of the buttons should show you where there is a similar sequence to reproduce.  :)  

 nice atmosphere but it became hard really quick ! 

Always a pleasure to hear  that people enjoined it! Thanks for the feedback and for the support! Sorry for the flashbacks lol! Maybe is was because roof is missing(like on a bombed building)  and  stars are on the sky like  night walks in the jungle. 

nice game with story! :)) the fact that it incorporates a shoot mechanism makes it a bit more engaging! :)

the only two puzzles that i got where the revolving bridge and the cube stairs...still managed to finish it and fly in the  zeppelin but I have no idea how exactly. :))Must be magic. weird and fun little game!

I can't believe I fell for this!:)

Cool game although the coolest sound from the beach is sad is that!? :)) Still cool game!

I like how you made the ship to accelerate via mouse position in relation with the ship position...Took me some time to figure it out but once I did that I was forever known in the Milky-Way galaxy as the: Blueberry_Gobbler. :) would be nice to have some sort of events like meting and talking to an alien and perhaps play a little game with him. Music is nice but after I while it starts to get annoying.


Yes cool! This is similar to that grill the sausage game but with a Christmas twist.I like the concept of one level where you don't see the trampoline from all the possible places it could be...but I got that right from the first try! :))) Lucky...And i would have made the level where it looks like and endless runner like an endless runner where you have to dodge some fire or a ghost perhaps?

Maybe you can make them as pieces of blanket to gather together and unfreeze or melt something like a cat and then push buttons. I understood comments to yourself but cat in blanket is to cool not to share!

Cool, I needed some rock friends so I won't be the: forever alone Golem...not that is anything wrong with that. :)

well I felt trough a hole and the game restarted. :( But great atmosphere,nice game! :) 

Thanks! Yes, I used Blender to make them and Gimp for the texture atlas. :)

It is marked now as: Hip-Hop dancing. :))

I tried uploading it and some fbx,obj versions including one with different y,x,z coordinates and I get also two errors in Mixamo. I tested Mixamo with another human design I have and it worked...must be something with the skeleton that I don't know what it is. Transforms are all ok scale1 and rotation0, normals are ok too so I have no clue to what it can be.  the test was with a design that also has thin limbs like the skeleton...Sorry!

Nice puzzle game the only problem I had was the doors... going in and out of them, there was no arrow for them and I kept clicking on the wrong part of the door. I liked the popping balloon and finding something inside idea I have it in one of my own games and the ants antenna but all of them where nice ! :)

Found only 3 coins and couldn't use the trampoline proper but that it is on me. So that is how Hollywood make dog movies! :)) I like the feel of small colorful corridors. 



Oh, ok , coo!! :)

I like that it has music and animations for the gates and the skull placement.I was quickly killed by the small almost invisible I didn't finish the game(so I can't say if you added  some puzzles or an enemy , I didn't even find a recharge life).Is the grass made with shades or regular mesh deform animation? Cool anyway and  best wishes with the learning!

I like it but I didn't play it a lot. A few of this owl cleaners and we are set with the waste in the world...if by any chance Earth waste still counts as cosmic . what if there was some intelligent cosmic waste entity that dodges at the last second before you can collect it and also spits in your face so you are blind for a second or two! WHOO knows what will happen then!

feels a bit like a cat playing a very small piano whilst on cocaine. I imagine those wheels to be lint balls from a very special lint source but like any torn player I can't say more about that place! Nice jump game though maybe a bit too shaky? :))

Very nice and good atmosphere I will try to send all space all cats but it took me some time just to see you can freeze jump. :)

I reached the end of the tunnel and I didn't have to use teleport.(maybe you can use teleport to go on special platforms that you could not get otherwise, platforms that can open pathways)  Cool idea but too bad it does not have sound It would make the game better. It has the feel of Limbo.  :)

This time I must say I was motivated by the music to try and go deeper so I could listen to it a bit more.:) Good nostalgic feel. probably peanuts to somebody but my best was 660. :)

I keep stepping on spikes. Those things ar so sharp even the flat edge will deflate you. But it is nice to shoot and navigate. though some checkpoint would help instead of returning right at the beginning of the level...:)