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I am glad you liked it and thanks for the feedback! 

cool game and colors that remind me of Lovers in a dangerous Space-time , the action feel very smooth and responsive. Cool  but I suck at this games so I died very quick.:) An idea: What if you made also some plant type enemies that you could not soot from another planet you had to be on that planet to chop down?  And a giant earth worm n the cosmic space like in dune  so you can lasso it and get a free ride. :)

Cool stuff!
The idea of using movement on a tile based floor to evade enemies is cool... to bad once you avoid it it comes and bites you in the ass! :)) The puzzles are there :) with the abandoned lonesome feel and the art is  nice too!

Some goblin got on top of me and it was game over for the prince!"))

I liked he fact that you can still use your sword when using the  block! Maybe instead of a bow you can throw your sword then go get it back! :)) Anyway nice  game also the music is nice! 

Thanks a lot! It feels good to know people are enjoying the game! :)
U.....U and remember what the dormouse says: Feed your head!:) 

Thanks a lot for  the feedback! I must play more games from the jam. The coala wishes you good vibes and good luck with your own game development!

Thanks! The tutorial I wanted to make the x button the crow eye so you get stuck there a bit until you find the x. :)) But Again Thanks and here is a cat for you.
/--/-----/-/ wooosh!

Thanks a lot! :) let;s see if i can make a bunny...

Thanks a lot maybe we can make more puzzles for everybody to enjoy!

Yeah! thanks for playing we even had more forest to add but no time to do it!:)

cool idea! music would be nice to!

Cool game even from game-play perspective.Love the fact you can pan the camera plus the nice instruments to play plus placing objects in the room. Maybe you could have made a puzzle by panning the camera and trying to fit a ball trough a maze.:)

48 boxy assets  in a Pigeon and Devil infested park theme that you can get from  Here.
With them you can create funny games and if you want more(or something specific)  I will be glad to help and create more!
Let me know what do you think  maybe it can help me develop better games and assets in the future!

Sorry dude don't want to be rude but no penguin no acceptance!
Still, best wishes and good luck with your projects!


Yup, you can  find me either from Sketch-fab as Hamsterspit or Penguin Pyramids twitter... I need to make an Twitter account too!

Hello,and thanks for the interest and appreciation!
I checked your works but I don't know know if actually you are the right person for the games I want to make.
In IGOR there is a library with books and I wanted to make it so you can reed them so you can obtain information for a puzzle ...but some books are just for reading so... maybe, you can illustrate one of your short comic books there.(but I don't know about the project if its going to happen or not)
I liked the cow vortex thing  and the cat in bed next to the cow  vortex. Maybe you can use the round lines in the cat picture and make the cow vortex like that too.(I mean I like the cow perspective but with the finer lines it  will look  cartoon-cool!) 

Maybe we can keep in touch!


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Hello, I am Hamsterspit, a not so known 3d artist that is looking for programmers that want to create(fun and maybe surreal) games and do relate to my current stile of work seen here: IGORAsphalt_NoodlePigeon_Gentleman  to name a few.
Also I am looking for interesting 2d artist\ illustrators that feel they can improve  the look of my games with their own interpretation of  characters/game assets so on. I am not looking for  realistic interpretations more of a cartoon type way of drawing.
Use the word: ,,Penguin" in your message so I know you understand the post. 
P and L to alll!