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A member registered Nov 13, 2016

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frame rate has taken a bit of a hit for me on this one without changing any settings,high altitude 45fps,normal dogfighting 29-34fps,heavy rain and when things get a little hectic 20-24fps and things got very hectic for me so i was getting a bit of motion sickness from the low frame rate (see previous comments for spec).

graphics do look a little strange,i'm not entirely sure which i prefer more to be honest.

i did encounter a minor bug.i got to the last two planes,took out the first but the second caught me and managed to take me out.because i was using nose cam and firing the machine gun at the point of death for the final animation i could see the gyroscope hud and continuous bullet spray spinning from a third person perspective.

i'll give it another go but change the graphics settings to try and get a better frame rate.

i think the difficulty comes mostly from the plane we were given to use,if there was a faster more manoeuvrable plane then i would expect to blitz through the level.in theory ;)

one recommendation,if you are going down the unlock planes as you play through route (whether by money/points/xp) i humbly request once the game is complete there will be a select mission with any unlocked plane option.of course the problem with that is there will probably need to be a lot of planes to unlock depending on game length,which will be a lot of work for you.

thanks,that is much better,it took me about six attempts but i managed to beat it.there is certainly a challenge there especially the ending which was bordering on frustrating,i don't want to spoil anything for others.i definitely wouldn't say it is easy.

one thing i didn't try because i assume it isn't in there yet is leaving the play area to resupply ammo,are you planning a landing mini games like the AC games ?

well this has been hugely improved,also i'm pleased to say that norton 360 didn't try to remove any files this time.


msi ge60 2pe apache pro gaming laptop with windows 10 home:

i7-4700HQ @2.4GHz

12GB ram

gtx 860m gpu

every setting left at default from start - no motion blur and all max settings,i was getting between 30 - 36 fps.it did dip down to 28 in rain clouds but not for long and got up to 44 at high altitude.

i do have one major (for me) complaint,i always use nose cam on the AC games so obviously i would use it on this.unless i'm missing a setting there is no mini map for that camera.i find it hugely useful for seeing orientation of enemies at a glance so i don't want to say about difficulty because i'm struggling to tell when an enemy is directly behind me and keep dying.i'll have to try getting used to 3rd person for now just to try finishing it.

first thing first,norton 360 antivirus hates your game (well your game files at least).it removed the exe file and about 80 other files as suspect (i honestly lost count) a mixture of quarantined and removed,mostly simul and Qt5 files although there are others.just so you know you can contact symantec and submit the files so they can check them and add them to their exception list if you want.

i restored all the files so onto the game itself,i tried it out on an msi ge60 2pe apache pro gaming laptop with windows 10 home:

i7-4700HQ @2.4GHz

12GB ram

gtx 860m gpu

i'm getting between 27 to 32 fps on high settings.i loved ace combat 3 on ps1 and the two ps2 games,i believe you have captured the feeling of those games excellently and am looking forward to playing a story through this game.hopefully improvement in game engine will get me a better frame rate.keep up the good work.