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frame rate has taken a bit of a hit for me on this one without changing any settings,high altitude 45fps,normal dogfighting 29-34fps,heavy rain and when things get a little hectic 20-24fps and things got very hectic for me so i was getting a bit of motion sickness from the low frame rate (see previous comments for spec).

graphics do look a little strange,i'm not entirely sure which i prefer more to be honest.

i did encounter a minor bug.i got to the last two planes,took out the first but the second caught me and managed to take me out.because i was using nose cam and firing the machine gun at the point of death for the final animation i could see the gyroscope hud and continuous bullet spray spinning from a third person perspective.

i'll give it another go but change the graphics settings to try and get a better frame rate.

The cloud resolution defaults has changed for this version. Try setting it back to 512 to what the default was in the previous demo.