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Send an email with the email you used to donate to
We'll hook you up with a Steam key.

I'll look into this, Thanks for the feedback! Sorry about this. You might be able to fix it by deleting the user config of Project Wingman in AppData.

Thank you for the feedback, please look forward to the final release :)

Feel free :)

Yes! お願いします!

Glad to hear it's solved! I'll try to look into it regardless.

The game has full controller compatibility. You'll just have to rebind it yourself in the options.

Hi there, I can't seem to replicate this issue. Which keyboard do you have?

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I got in touch with Robin8630 and we've solved the issue.

If anyone is having issues with fatal error crashing. Be sure to run the UE4 Prerequisites located within the game folder in "Project Wingman 0.4.5\Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us"


Thanks for the feedback! I'll look into it :)


We are talking with a few people regarding localization, especially Japanese localization. I hope to deliver news on that font soon! Thank you so much for the support!

Currently wingman switching isn't planned. But there are some wingman features that we intend to implement depending on time constraints. Appreciate the comment!

Appreciate the feedback! I think I may change the way the cruisers work so that your missiles wont simply count as a miss if it hits the main hull depending on how much that factors into gameplay. But we'll see how the community react to that change! Looking forward to your feedback on the next patch!


Thanks for the detailed feedback!

Third person headtracking has been noted! As for the HUD itself, I have received a few comments regarding the overall look and intuitiveness it is so it is something we plan to change in the future. And I'll see what I can do about the friendly markers.


Please enjoy it. :)

Glad you enjoyed it RaptorElite!

The gamemode does need a metric ton of tweaking and balance fixes. Hopefully I can address some of them in an upcoming final patch. That being said, please look forward to the full game!

Send me an email at and i'll give you an different link.

Hi there, the game does not auto update.


Hey guys thank you for the kind words! I have a question to ask, is anyone having troubles downloading the game lately? I've been getting a lot of reports regarding that and would like people to confirm.

Hi there, you should be able to run that game fine with that specification.

Google Translate : そのPC仕様でゲームを実行することができます。

Hey guys! Send me an email over at and i'll send over a alternate link for you :)

There's no "set" list of aircraft to add just yet. I'll add them as I go along depending if its appropriate for the game or not. 

There are plans for a campaign, but multiplayer and co-op is not in our scopes right now.

Hey there, This is a known issue for some joysticks.

I'm happy to say that it will be fixed in the next build! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the feedback! The controls are fully rebindable! So feel free to come up with your own control scheme! 

Thanks! Please look forward to it!

I'll try to look into it. Thanks for the feedback!

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I'll try to look into the camera issue in the future. That being said I will try to improve the minimalist HUD to make it more akin to the third person HUD. That being said there is an option to use the default HUD in cockpit perspective in the options. 

Hope that answered your questions!

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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

Hey there thanks for the feedback! Deadzones and Curves is on my to do list, so it will be implemented eventually. Noted on the bugreport. It will be fixed in the next mini-patch.

Thanks for taking the time to record the game!

Awesome! I'll be in touch when it comes to that.

Thank you for your kind words!

Hey there! Good to hear that your system runs well! Controllers and gamepads are supported by default, however if it doesn't have Xinput capability you will have to bind it manually in the options screen. 

Hope that helps. Thanks!

Hey , Thank you for the kind words!

As for the issues:

1. Axis curves and deadzones will be implemented eventually. 

2. This is a known issue with some machines. I can't seem to replicate it so if could you please send me an email ( I'd like to troubleshoot this issue with you and hopefully find a solution for everyone who's having this issue.


That's below minimum specs so I don't think you'll be able to run it. You're welcome to try though. Let me know if you do.

Should be able to activate it with the 'N' key by default.

Hey there, that's working as intended. The old mission was removed due to it being unpolished in general and not really in a complete state. It will return at some point.  I hope you understand.

Regarding the controller recognition, it may be that the save files of 0.2.10c is overwriting the one from 0.2.1109b but it doesn't go the other way. To fix this simply go to your /Appdata/Local/ folder and rename the folder "ProjectWingman" to something else. However, once you launch the later versions of Project Wingman you'll have to do these steps again.

Regarding SteamVR, it was a part of the default Unreal packaging plugin which I didn't disable. It has since been disabled for later versions.

Hey, could you install the latest version of DirectX and see if that solves the issue? Thanks

Hey there, Which .exe are you launching? Keep in mind the game only supports 64-bit OS at the moment.

That's fairly new to me. 

Mind showing me some screenshots on your laptop version? thanks.

For your desktop, try running the game in admin mode and or compatibility mode.

Appreciate your patience, Thanks!