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That sounds like a current known bug. There is a known anti-virus false positive where it will delete the atmospheric files so I suggest you disable your Anti Virus software temporarily or whitelist the game files, and re-extract the game from the zip file.

Please let me know how it goes.


That's fairly strange, the input should save properly. I will investigate it.

Thanks for letting me know!

I've no idea how to reply to submission comments but I'll answer here

@Sinoc: Yeah, I gutted most of the stuff from the last demo and forgot to put it back in and the machine gun actually just shoots straight and you're meant to align the plane with the gun reticle. I'll update it and give the aircraft a new reticle soon.

I'll see what I can do about the flight physics.

I'm curious on how it ran on your machine? There was quite a bit of AI in the scene and I'm just comparing performance on different machines. (I only need GPU and CPU right now)


@Bepi: Thanks for testing it

I'll see what I can do with the zoom function and guess make it optional.

The minimap indicator actually already functions though right now it only blinks on selected target. I may change it to something else if it is harder to see this way.

I plan on scrapping high G turn in the future since its really overpowered at the moment.


At the moment that feature is not in the public demo yet. But it is in the current internal builds. Hopefully I'll be able to showcase it soon once it's finalized.

Hi! Thanks for the compliment!

I'll try answer the questions as best as I can.

1. At the moment no, You can either use a workaround to get it to support the freetrack protocol at the moment. However I will be implementing TrackIR support in the near future as I have been in contact with them.

2. Soon, I've taken them down for now because they are not at the quality I'd like them to be at (mainly the cockpit views).

3. That's one way to take them down ;)

Hey, thanks for the compliment! Great idea! I've added zoom function to the feature backlog list. Hopefully I'll be able to implement it soon.

At the moment there is no way to download/play the older missions. If you look around you may be able to find it again but I'm no longer providing a download link for that because it is extremely old and outdated.

Hey, thanks for the feedback! 

I'll see what I can do with the HUD view. 

The flight physics is still very much a WIP.  Hopefully you will see an improvement in the future. 

Hey thanks for giving it a playthrough!

Joystick support is fairly barebones at the moment but I'll be sure to improve it in the future.

There will be new planes and mission in the future but it's still quite a bit away unfortunately. That being said please look forward to it!

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I'm pushing it as much as I can. Unfortunately your specs is way too low to play the game.

I don't have a time frame yet unfortunately.

Will be fixed in the next version. Sorry about that.

Noted about the HUD elements. 

I'll have to investigate regarding the key rebinding issue. That shouldn't be happening at all.

Thanks for the feedback.

It's a scaled up landscape and a few imposters here and there.

The cloud resolution defaults has changed for this version. Try setting it back to 512 to what the default was in the previous demo.

Just fixed the anti gravity stalling in version C. Let me know how it goes.

Yup, thats intentional.

(Edited 1 time)

Fix is on the way.

Edit: fix is out on version C.

This is what I get for not playtesting enough before an update. Fixing that now.

Hey, I'll be sure to add a Vsync option in the next update. 

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Just fixed the stalling issue on 0.2.10b. I'm still working on the hexagon indicators and the best applications for it.

 Hopefully I can implement it soon.


There's nothing else apart from the Su-27. But the difficulty on the QF-18 has been noted.

Try out version 0.2.10b. Their difficulty has been nerfed on that.


Can't say right now. I don't have a VR kit to experiment with at the moment.

I'll be uploading a new version shortly with some difficulty rebalances.

Yeah the balance needs more work. This particular demo is meant to test the difficulty level of the game, which I have received plenty of feedback on. A balance update is coming soon ish.

Could you give me your specs please? Thanks.

Yeah, it was a late change regarding the version numbers so I decided to simplify it. From now on the version numbers should be consistent.

I'll be reading your feedback soon.

Thank you!

Thank you for the kind words. Difficulty is currently being reworked and should come as a small patch some time in the future.

Regarding Online functionality, I'm currently working on a very limited scope for the game so I can't promise anything with regards to multiplayer. That being said replayability is something I plan to achieve with Project Wingman.

Please look forward to the next version.

Thank you for the kind words!

Everything is still WIP in the game so it may change in the future, however the voice direction we're going for in the demo is more or less what we're going for.

Hey, Sorry to say but I've dropped 32-bit support for Project Wingman unfortunately. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. I can't promise a mission editor for now, but i'll do my best.

Thanks for playing and making a video on it, glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for the compliment!

All those things are still being considered. I won't promise them as features for now, but we'll see how the development of the game goes.


Hi there, Flares are currently disabled in the current build. Hopefully the system is finalized in the next version. Stay tuned!

Thank you for the compliment!

I can't promise a mission editor as of now. But we'll see what happens in the future. :)

Thank you!

An outside lock camera already exists if you hold down the change target button. Unless I'm reading the question wrong?

Hi, thanks for the feedback.

Missiles will be buffed in the next version. I'm aware that in the current version that it is quite unbalanced how the missiles work. Hopefully countermeasures will be in the next version depending on how far i can polish and balance the system :) stay tuned.

Hi, Thanks for the feedback!

Most of the stuff you mentioned is still a work in progress so there will be major improvements hopefully in the future. The default units in the game is currently in metric (kmh and meters), The pipeline for different measurement units is currently being worked on and I didn't include it in the latest build due to time constraints.

Hopefully by the time the next update hits I'll include countermeasures for the player. And hopefully I'll bring out a small update to address the difficulty and enemy flaring issue.

Hopefully I can bring the next update sooner than the gap between this demo and the previous one. Look forward to it!

Thanks for making a video about it! Please look forward to future releases :)