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thanks,that is much better,it took me about six attempts but i managed to beat it.there is certainly a challenge there especially the ending which was bordering on frustrating,i don't want to spoil anything for others.i definitely wouldn't say it is easy.

one thing i didn't try because i assume it isn't in there yet is leaving the play area to resupply ammo,are you planning a landing mini games like the AC games ?

I have received a lot of feedback regarding the difficulty. I do agree that it may be frustrating so I will eventually rework the enemy so it's challenging but not frustrating.

Currently not at a high priority for resupplying but depending on the map it will effect whether resupplying is needed or not.


i think the difficulty comes mostly from the plane we were given to use,if there was a faster more manoeuvrable plane then i would expect to blitz through the level.in theory ;)

one recommendation,if you are going down the unlock planes as you play through route (whether by money/points/xp) i humbly request once the game is complete there will be a select mission with any unlocked plane option.of course the problem with that is there will probably need to be a lot of planes to unlock depending on game length,which will be a lot of work for you.