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first thing first,norton 360 antivirus hates your game (well your game files at least).it removed the exe file and about 80 other files as suspect (i honestly lost count) a mixture of quarantined and removed,mostly simul and Qt5 files although there are others.just so you know you can contact symantec and submit the files so they can check them and add them to their exception list if you want.

i restored all the files so onto the game itself,i tried it out on an msi ge60 2pe apache pro gaming laptop with windows 10 home:

i7-4700HQ @2.4GHz

12GB ram

gtx 860m gpu

i'm getting between 27 to 32 fps on high settings.i loved ace combat 3 on ps1 and the two ps2 games,i believe you have captured the feeling of those games excellently and am looking forward to playing a story through this game.hopefully improvement in game engine will get me a better frame rate.keep up the good work.

Maaaan, Norton sucks ass. Norton and McAfee need to just cease, to be honest. Terrible terrible pieces of software. Good feedback nonetheless though :)

Thank you for letting me know. I'll have to investigate further and submit the files to Norton in the future if it's not whitelisted on the next release.