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I stoped playing because when the message said : " look at me i'm 30 years old my best years am going" fucking hurts


Game Zanga 9 community · Created a new topic Hyped

My First Zanga YooOo. Hype level over 8000

Dude am playing dark souls tonight if I can x'). epic

Is this jam part of your Phd program or what XD ?

lol probably

I like it,feels like super meat boy.

lol check the submission called Half-life 3

This shit should be on PewDie meme review ROFL

there is also an anime called Kayji first season is full of puzzel you can make a top down puzzel game based one of them. x') i which if i had time

this one of the best episodes from one of the Jojos x') i'am not fun of the anime so i don't know excatly which one :

check this and tell me what do you think

check ur profile pic. That anime has a lot of cool idea that match this jam and could be truned to a game

-__- ok a new game it is then


So two weeks ago i participated in unreal engine summer jam however, i coud not submit the game do to build and packging problem.

Can I submit it here ?

One day the world will be running under some youtuber's control lol I mean UE4 game jam is starting tomorow and they  only have 400 people joined XD. Any way good work it seems people having fun. I will join you next version.

GMTK Game Jam 2019 community · Created a new topic Question

Why this Jam is so popular ?

I think Virtus is now on the beach enjoying the summer vacation and he forgot about as LoL jk....

Dear Gideon

Thank you so much for your comment,  TO be honest I'm so happy that you liked some aspect of my game.  Such feeling will encourage me to do better next time.  As for the sounds I don't know how to create them from my self I was thinking of using home made sounds like for instance tapping a pen on desktop as bullet sounds and other things I didn't have time at the end.

Again thank you for playing my game and thank you for your comment sir

In house, read the Jam home page manual

changed my mind

(1 edit)

You guys check my charachter  I designed

only 48 hour by one persone ?

Hello guys,

Here is my story , I was a kid I loved video games.  Skip to  the age of 17, Assassins's creed one came out.  it was the main reason i chose to be a computer scientist. Things did not work out to be that game dev and  I became a Phd in computer graphics. Now I want to get back to my dream since a lot of things where changed.

Thank you for your time x')