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My current estimate for full-screen and resolutions support is November 2021.

Correct, 65398 is for lobby communication and 65399 is for in-game communication. The host has to un-pause every time a client connects, which is a little annoying. I'm planning improved network support two releases from now. I'll post again here when that goes live.

Nice. Maybe a Henry sponsorship deal? :-)

The current feature is taking longer than expected and I need to do some contract work for a while. I expect to get round to full-screen and resolutions in about six months.

No, there isn't a full-screen option yet. I have resisted offering different resolutions and full-screen as it adds testing overhead. I have a bug with full-screen where the Windows Game Bar doesn't record gameplay and I expect this would affect other recording systems. I'll take another look at full-screen and resolutions once the feature I'm working on is complete in two or three weeks. I'll update this topic when it's done.

Thanks for taking the time to try Dwerg Saga.

Mechavaliers - Is that pronounced meh-cavaliers?

First impressions: Just looking at the side-bar on the left I initially thought Yeti, Hobgoblin and Archangel was my party of adventurers, but after reading the intro text I understood these were my objectives. I felt like I understood what the objectives were and which shop was going to solve each.

fright elevator - typo (or is it?). I'd be happy to do a proof-read for typos and grammar when you're closer to finishing.

Good scene-setting, feels like grimy cyberpunk. Enjoyed the writing, little bits of humour are good.

Grosz - new-looking mech - expressed an interest in it, obviously dodgy - offered job but the job sounded like the one I already have, just dodgier. Grosz could make more of a sell on it, make it clear that the player's position is at the bottom and being a scout pilot is a big step up.

I thought Bolter was more relaxed when I returned to the hangar than at the start and when I called her.

I got the good ending after playing it through four times, the first time losing two pilots, the second time losing only one pilot, third time I took Grosz' mech and got the ending with Bolter and a bullet, fourth time all the pilots survived. Played through a few more times without anything obviously wrong.

This is a friendly, relaxed, and open place where you can play-test other developers' games and have your own game play-tested. Welcome!


No personal attacks, antagonizing, or harassment. Including, but not limited to, offensive actions or comments re: gender, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, race, religion, language, etc.

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General statement: Black lives matter, trans rights are human rights, and if any of these things make you uncomfortable, this is not the jam for you. Hopefully, one day it will be.
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We may retroactively modify the rules or take action as we see fit, if not listed above.

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I'm primarily looking for feedback on the tutorials and their pacing.

Gameplay and videos of you playing the game are gratefully received.

Need help? Post here.

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Find a game's forum topic and read what the developer has posted about what they want tested, download the game, play it and leave feedback. Try to reflect on how the game makes you feel, if you had significant problems or parts you really enjoyed.  If the developer has requested videos record your gameplay footage and upload to a video-sharing site unlisted. Do the same if you are comfortable sharing a video of yourself playing the game and the developer has requested it. Please try to give constructive feedback.

If you are also looking for people to play-test your game leave a link at the bottom of your feedback.

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Create a new topic for your game, include keys for play-testers and details of anything you specifically want tested. 

Either create a single unclaimed key or a set of claimed keys. If you issue claimed keys you will have to issue new keys when they are claimed. Remember to revoke keys when your playtest is finished. Games are removed from a user's library when keys are revoked although testers will still be able to play any builds they have downloaded.

Keys documentation

If you're having trouble understanding the game, share your burden here.

Dwerg Saga community · Created a new topic Bug Reports

If you find any bugs please report them here. A stream-of-consciousness of everything you remember is fine. Reproduction steps are better.

Dwerg Saga community · Created a new topic Suggestions

If you have any ideas for new features or adjustments to existing features, please post them here.

Hi. You probably want to run the version that is not labelled "dedicated". The "dedicated" build is a version that runs only the simulation without rendering the game and can be used as the host in a networked game.

Hi, thank you. I've not looked too deep into StoryTron but will be having a closer look the next time I do some work on personalities and relationships.

Dwerg Saga community · Created a new topic Hi!
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If you love or hate Dwerg Saga let me know.

(Creating this forum appears to have deleted the old posts. Apologies to the posters, you can access the posts in my post history.)

In networked games the game starts paused, so the Host has to un-pause the game. The pause/play buttons are at the bottom left.


If you play the single-player game you should get a tutorial that explains some of the mechanics. The video trailer is out of date and the way some tools work has changed. I don't have a guide but hope the tutorial provides enough to get you started. A wiki would certainly be useful and I'll look into making one in future.

The game is still in development and is largely just a sandbox, you can play with friends but there isn't any conflict between players. The networked game should run OK on a LAN but it's quite sensitive to lag and will frequently pause to re-sync if there's a player with significant lag.

Thanks for taking the time to try the game and I'm happy to answer any more questions.

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This version gives you lifetime access to the service; a persistent shared universe that is mapped to the real world. The game is still in development. Check out the free version demo get a feel for the game.


Hi Jannik! I see you've made a few games yourself, which one is your favourite?

Hello Gamers and Game-Makers :-)

This is Dwerg Saga a game that aspires to create believable and dramatic stories from the interactions between Dwergs, their environment and what they build. You give instructions on where and what to build and the Dwergs go off and do your bidding according to their responsibilities. So far, Dwergs will engage in conversations with each other and they will get hungry and thirsty. There is currently no conflict but try not to let your Dwergs drown. You can only have one clan of Dwergs at any time; creating a new world will have your clan move to it. Whenever you save or load a world your clan is also saved. You can play with others on a LAN. At this stage you can get the full gist of the game in about 20 minutes of play unless you set yourself some crazy goal like draining the river.

Have fun and thank you for your time,