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A topic by haikuinteractive created Oct 10, 2020 Views: 15
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This is a friendly, relaxed, and open place where you can play-test other developers' games and have your own game play-tested. Welcome!


No personal attacks, antagonizing, or harassment. Including, but not limited to, offensive actions or comments re: gender, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, race, religion, language, etc.

This is a friendly, encouraging place. Please interact in a way that reflects that value. While there's no such thing as keeping politics out of games, be cautious of introducing divisive discussions of laws, political candidates, etc. The mods reserve the right to shut down topics that become heated, or that we perceive as otherwise damaging to the community.

No spam or unsolicited/excessive self-promotion.

No NSFW content. Keep it clean!

We care about your wellbeing. However, we are not mental health professionals. If you need resources, please refer to this link:

General statement: Black lives matter, trans rights are human rights, and if any of these things make you uncomfortable, this is not the jam for you. Hopefully, one day it will be.
If any member is making you uncomfortable, DM @HaikuJock#1211 on Discord.

Breaking these rules will result in a warning or ban, depending on the action and our judgement. If the stress associated with handling you regarding rules or behaviour becomes too much of an issue, we will remove you.

We may retroactively modify the rules or take action as we see fit, if not listed above.