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Share your game to get feedback. Play-test others' games and give feedback. A virtuous circle of better games.

Why share?

It's difficult to evaluate your own work. Sometimes you are too invested in it to admit its flaws, or you have become so accustomed to flaws you no longer see them, or what is obvious to you may be obscure to everyone else. Receiving feedback can be painful but the reward is an improvement to your work and insight into how players understand your game.

How to share

Start a forum topic with the title of your game and post either a set of claimed keys or an unclaimed key. Indicate any specific areas of the game you are looking for feedback on. Please try not to be offended by feedback.

Why play-test?

You could probably do with a break, you'll be helping someone make a better game and you will improve your critical thinking. It's an interesting mental exercise to observe how the game is making you feel.

How to play-test

Read what the developer has posted about what they want tested, download the game, play it and leave feedback on the forum topic. Try to reflect on how the game makes you feel, if you had significant problems or parts you really enjoyed. Please try to give constructive feedback.