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I released a video on making custom level mods. The devs have made it really easy to mod this game.

You can check the mod out here:

I just released my video on the topic of custom level modding

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I'm going to release a quick video on the process on my youtube channel soon. I've already made a quick proof of concept level.

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I managed to get the level open in TrenchBroom!

I know replacing models and such is quite easy but has anyone looked into making custom levels yet? I'd love to make hacks for this game.

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Haha we named our entries the same thing! Great game :)


I'm going to have a look for sure, this shader is awesome and looks quite similar to what I want to do for my (long term) project. Excellent work!

Did you write the shader for this yourself or is it premade? It looks really good!

The music is so relaxing <3

Awesome! I wanted to get into making GB studio games myself, I will have to try it out soon

Love the game boy aesthetic! What engine did you use for this?


This looks right up my street, I'd been thinking of making a game like this for a long time! Can't wait to try it

Yup I did this on my last jam, the submitted version was a horrendously buggy mess and I didn't catch the bugs till rating period started

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Thanks for this, it was quite encouraging to see my game get so many less ratings

Thanks for the feedback! The game definitely needs ui and general improvements for clarity, these areas were a bit rushed because of time. As well as showing how many cards enemies have I want to show the health and who used which cards in the recently used cards box. I do want to keep if secret which cards an enemy will use though as this is more in line with the experience of playing Whist. There definitely does need to be a way of making it more strategic though as it does sometimes feel like blind luck when you choose a card. You do have less cards in the later floors too, I may add difficulty settings in the future so you can start with fewer cards, gives me the chance to add more unlocks too... 

Thanks for playing! 

Great! I love the madness of trying to give RTS controls while frantically running away from enemies. Also props for making a 3D game

Another interesting card/video game genre mashup game! I really love how many of these there have been in this jam, I find it super interested how video games can recontextualise card games

Wow, I really enjoyed this! I love seeing how video games can put a twist on traditional card games and recontextualise them. I did a similar thing with mine, combining a roguelike with Whist, check it out if you're interested in that kind of thing :)

Thank you for the positive feedback! I know what you mean with helping the player from the beginning, its definitely hard finding that balance as a solo dev when you can't get other people to playtest. I do think I erred on the side of making it a little difficult and vague in its descriptions though, since all my favourite roguelite games are build around early death being a given until you figure out how the game works, without too much hand holding. Thanks again for the feedback!

Me too, I tried to add some to my game with some particles and shader effects but I'll definitely have to add a screen shake too, it adds so much crunch!

Thanks for the feedback! I do agree that the high level monsters should have higher value cards, I think I just didn't implement this because I wasn't sure how to do this with the time constraints, so I just chose to give them other boosts instead. I will definitely implement this in an update though and take your other feedback on board. Glad you enjoyed it. 

I'm interested in making one but haven't done so before. I didn't record any footage beforehand so I'd have to go through all of my commits and record footage that way. Who else is planning to make one? How long do you think I can reasonably leave it before the devlog should be linked on my games page? 

Nice work with the 'game feel', the hopping feels so satisfying with the screen shake and particles. And whatever the function is for the acceleration makes it feel super meaty.

I'm pretty sure itch doesn't let you update the game until the voting ends. At least that's how it was for the last jam I did

I made a mashup dungeon crawler/card game. You get dealt a hand of cards for each floor and play rounds of whist to attack monsters

Let me know what you think!

I love the idea however for me the falling arrows weren't actually in time to the music.

The graphics aren't too great and the font choice hurt my eyes, but honestly as a big Binding of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon fan I really enjoyed the gameplay for this game!

Unfortunately this game wont open as the Unity dll file is missing.

Sorry to hear you're having that issue. Are you in the WebGl or downloadable version? That's not an issue I've encountered, and as far as I can tell from the other comments here nobody else has either.

Sorry, not 100% sure what you mean!

Thanks! I'm planning on adding a tutorial in a future version, keep an eye out for it. Yeah I'll check it out!

Thank you for playing :)

Thank you :)

Game looks great with tons of visual polish. Gameplay is quite glitchy though, half the time my jump wouldn't trigger and I started floating in the second area, it wasn't clear if this was intentional or not. I found it quite difficult too. Overall good game though, I'd love to play a version with the gameplay more ironed out.

Yes I will do 

Haha, that was the experience we hoped you would have :) and thanks for playing

Thank you so much :) and thanks for playing