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:)) Thanks!

When developing, I often had to play with both characters as well. It is very hard indeed XD

I agree, an in game tutorial is very much needed. Thanks for playing! And have fun with your friend!

Thanks! Good luck with all your next jams!

The goal is to harvest as much plants in the given time as possible, you can read the itch page for more info :)

Thanks for your feedback! When I come back to the game now, I'm no fan of the music either :( haha

Oh yeah, I struggle with time management as well each jam... I had some more things planned for my game but I only had 3 days to work on it. The ideas you have seem very promising, I hope you keep working on it!

The game was very relaxing, and I loved the atmosphere you created! Although the game could use some more gameplay in my opinion.

Honestly, this is a game I'd pay for when more refined and some more levels

Thanks, glad you liked it! The timer should be easier indeed, I adjusted it to my preference but you're always more experienced on your own games than new players, oops


No problem, everyone has his preferences I guess 

Cool game! One thing that annoyed me a bit was the low amount of friction. When drastically changing directions the toucan felt really heavy and slow. But overall nice game!

I really enjoyed the audio, the game is very unique although I'd loved some more gameplay!

Cool game! It's amazing to see how much you've done in just a week (even a save system :0  ).

I'd love to see some more refined sprites for the player/NPC's since the squares don't really fit the rest of the game, but great job!

Good job for 12 hours of work! The game could be more challenging tho

Very fun game. I really like the gravity mechanic. One thing that would make it even better imo: make the player's object (meteorite, planet...) feel more heavy the larger it gets by decreasing its speed.

Very very very good game. I love the fact that you have to create your own platformer. The game feels very polished too. Great job!

Very cool and unique game! Some audio would really wrap this up!

A very neat game? I enjoyed playing it! I think with more time this game has lots of potential. One thing I'd liked to have seen was some camera movement, but good job :) 

Great game!

The game has a very unique mechanic. Although I didn't really knew what to do.

Good job! Athough one thing: at a certain point it's hard to differentiate your own projectiles from the meteorite particles.

Thanks! I had 3 days to work on the game so a tutorial is indeed missing... But I'll put one up on the itch page soon!

Thanks! I indeed still have to put up instructions on the itch page, but I didn't have the time yet. But it's coming soon!

Hey, thanks! I can recommand changing to Belgian keyboard if possible. I also still have to work on my itch page but I haven't the time since the game was finished. Sorry!

Cool game. Altough I found the controls to be a bit hard to control (hah). I really like the esthetics of the game and the idea is very unique and interesting.

Hey, good job! Here's some feedback:

- I liked the artstyle, although sometimes the world felt a bit bland.  
- I really liked the voicelines :)
- In my opinion you could've made the game a bit shorter to than spend more time polishing the things you have.
- I didn't always know what to do, so a little more guidance and player feedback would be great!

But good job, keep it up!

Yep, forgot to chance it back to WASD...

Hey, thanks! The controls are indeed weird when playing on a QWERTY keyboard. Where I live we use AZERTY keyboards.

Thanks! And yess

Nice to hear! Good luck with your project!

Thanks! We spent a lot of time making the map, but sadly we didn't have enough time to implement enough player feedback... Thanks for playing tho!

Thanks a lot!

Thank you very much :)


Thanks! You'll have to watch my devlog for that!

The game is nice to play, although it took me some time to understand why I lost or gained points. Maybe you could separate  the bad objects from the fruits with a different colored outline or smth. 

Appreciate it!