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Enjoying the game now. A nice story to follow. I will left as suggestion the control of the game in chat parts, I mean, when the player don't have a cursor. I had to stop it in the middle and the ESC key just forward the story and I miss that part because cannot pause and save it. Also will suggest to keep doing good jobs like this!

Nice! Thanks!

I usually don't like novels, but with this one I am heaving fun. Is relaxing. Thought the script is well made, so is not just a bunch of porn images as usual. I just find hard to read the text boxes sometimes, purple color is mixing with background, maybe devs should have a look on this.

I'm afraid this is a hardware problem, hope you can fix it soon!

What about the macOS version??? Ok, I personally only publish final versions for Mac, even using a Mac to develop. But don't forget us poors Mac users uhn...

I read the title and think to myself - humm what should it be? Maybe I have a project for it that might fit just fine, but will take some months of work. Also, I would like to hear some sample, if convenient for you.

Cool short game! I also found interesting the mechanics of putting the boards.

Still recommend a daily backup of the system or at list a return point so you don't have to reconfigure and reinstall everything again (after a snake bite, the dog fears even sausage).

Thanks for your detailed report. Thought there is two different things, the working platform and the set of tools. As long Windows is not open source and not for free, today is actually in the middle way, right? I personally like Windows 10, but the feedback I have from customers is that will work right for some time and than will have some critical issue needing reinstallation, and it is capable to self destruction when you have special hardware and Windows don't know well, it will auto reconfigure and mess with your fine tune - that's a usual complain. On the top (on the bottom really) of all, you have a really old system, insecure etc.. Windows is no good for working, but sometimes is what we got. About the tools, Gimp is not friendly, I know, as most of free open source tools. But I have to say I had more troubles than expected with Adobe apps. The Illustrator environment keep changing and even if for better will take my time to learn how to use it again. The 3D tools are still poor, but Photoshop is still top of the line, specially the capability of working with large files.

At the end of the day, I think worth the try with free tools if the tasks are not too complex or too heavy, I will try.

And if I was you, will work with Linux and a Windows emulated on it, it's easy to backup daily and recover when it crashes.

Finally, I never found a decent backup tool, I still pay for it. Is no good when backup fails! People swear about some free tool working right, it never does to me. Will still paying for backup tools - now working with Carbon Copy.

Cool! Loved the visual and the mood!

Just tried, very fun! Runs fine on my old MacBook Pro 2012., just have to set low graphics and resolution.

Good point, productivity. In the case of game develop, as I learn so far, without good productivity, is simply not possible, that's why I used this word. It's different from editing text with Libre Office, is possible as long I spent hours in communities discussing workarounds (I had to use a xml editor to manually edit the file). The bugs I saw are already listed, and I had contact with people involved, so I hope the next versions will come fixed - it's my office now. We must think about tools that if not perfect (is there such thing?), is stable, nice to work and have a good community to deal with bugs, though.

Yes, Rust! First thing I have to learn is the correct name of the language... SDL2 is listed as an option to develop in Rust, but in fact is a library. I still don't know how this things works, I came from scripts to C# and now wish to go a bit deeper. Thought will be necessary for Rust...

SDL2 uses Rush right? I bought a Rush class, looking for a good game engine for it.

Thought I expressed myself badly. Debian 32 bit is supported, there is a library for it etc. But companies are not building 32 bit apps anymore, starting by browser - only Firefox keeps updated as far I know. Steam dropped support - I complained about it in the forum but nobody agree with me there, they told me 32 bit is dead. Apple has dropped 32 bit support with Catalina, most of my games won't run.

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Well I am already thinking about next year, even late but not so considering 2020 was nontypical year right?

I have a MacBook Pro working with Unity and an Adobe monthly payed package. I have also tried some free tools. This year I decided to keep my MacBook updated, and I had a bad experience with the last macOS system so called Catalina. Adobe didn't have made my working day easy either. I had to come back to Mojave, at list I still can run 32 bit apps again and listen to my musics when coding. I am disappointed with payed software, is not cheap and is not so much better than free as expected. But how it is to work with the free stuff only?

I have made some experiments my own. I worked with Debian 10 32 bits in an old MacMini. Sadly, 32 bits is abandoned and the 64 bit installation is for skilled hackers - this is the other side of Linux. It's free, so don't complain! But I must say that Linux is very close to macOS in quality considering some popular distributions as Debian, Ubuntu and others. Even knowing there will be some hard work writing in a pure text terminal, Linux is fast, stable and don't disturb me when working. MacOS sucks, and I can't understand how people still work in Windows! Considering only the OS, I can work with Linux, no problem. But that's just the beginning...

Once turning into Linux, Adobe is not an option anymore. Not sure if I will miss it, but some tools as Illustrator are difficult to replicate. I am now testing InkScape, it does not convert well the AI files - first issue. Will be possible to design for games with InkScape?

An example: I dropped WS Office and installed Libre Office. The last version is really impressive, but for a scientific article it has some bugs really deep. I had a bad time making workaround so I could at list publish a decent PDF file. Libre Office will only work for an amateur job. Is InkScape like this?

Talking about Unity, I know there will be the Linux version in 2021, don't know how it is (any beta tester around?), but no Unity version or port works good anyway, so I expect will be pretty much the same...

Other apps I have tested, and liked, is Gimp and Atom. Both are a bit strange to me, but I can work with, no problem. I was using Spriter, but I might consider the free DragonBones. Anyway, is a vast world of apps that we need to make a game right... What do you have in mind? Is there enough good options to make a good game with free tools? How could be a middle-way solution?

Please share your thoughts!

Got the same problem with the package I just download. Names are different, I add +x to '' but the problem persist. My suggestion is to upload a zipped file with the package, might avoid this kind of trouble.

Loved this tracks! Hearing it I can already view a game in my mind...

You might try enter 'sudo' before all the command line, your password will be requested and than the command will be executed. But your user must be part of sudo group, otherwise only with root user will work.

Read my comment in the file thread. You have to grant execution permission to the executable file inside the package using Terminal, for some reason, the file lost the 'x' attribute that make it a real application.

I finally could test it. Is kinda RE and I liked it! Very fun, will wait for the final release! But the keyboard is a bit problematic, some key compbinations lead you out of the game...

In the page of the file I let an explanation of how make it work. I' tsrunning 100% in my Macbook 2012 with Catalina.

Inside the MacOS folder there is a file with the same name of the package (Alisa Demo (Mac) v1.33b). This is the file to add "x" attribute. Might be necessary to add "sudo" in the command line he show in the video (sudo chmod +x ...), so the Terminal will ask for your user password to perform the change.

The "x" is executable attribute, makes the file a real application. When I build in my own mac, there is no need to go to Terminal and change it by hand, so I think the file is losing the attribute when it is transferred through the Internet. Maybe zipping it will prevent, don't know yet. I will have to find out why before I started to publish my own mac builds...

Yes, but not so fast... The app to download will result in a "the app can't be open" error, with no further details. Basically, the executable is not with "x" permission to execute, and must be corrected by Terminal (you can follow this:

Now, follow the prescription to run unofficial apps and... finally... will run! And now with the right shades. Running games in mac is a prequel of horror survival games these days...

I just tested here and won't run in Catalina. They have perform a huge step from Mojave to Catalina... and fall with the face on the floor! They have dropped all 32 bits apps and etc, it's full 64 bits now. I am with Catalina since the beginning (usually I don't upgrade so soon) and each upgrade fix some issues and bring new flaws, you know, like Windows. However, as I can see troughs my researches and tests, soon not even Linux will support 32 bits and other old technologies, it's a matter of time, so I strongly advice you to take a deep breath and upgrade your Unity or whatever you need to support Catalina (it's not about macOS only). Unless some foundation decided to handle 32 bit support and old techs at OS level, we got no choice, is beyond our capabilities.

Thought building for Mac is hard? Don't try to iOS...

Nice job! Will keep my eye here to test next mac version!

Did you gave up of macOS version? As developer I am curious. I have some issues with iOS (and I use iPhone), but my builds do mac are still working...

I tried Wine sometimes already. I never could make it work properly. Got some issues with keyboard  and mouse control, does not have a good response from control so it's hard to play the games. I have a bootcamp Windows to play games, than I got it smooth. But I still prefer macOS to play, when available, because is much more stable as OS and game platform.

Waiting for macOS file...

Hi! Liked a lot the concept of the game, reminds me Alone in the Dark. It didn't run by downloading the zip file in my macOS 10.15.2 Catalina. But I just installed the itch app and trough the app it is running. The skins of the characters are not being rendered:

Keep working! I will want the final version of this game!

I just released the alpha version and need some feedback from real players! The game is still open for changes in gameplay...

Is a mobile game but can be played in the game's page in webgl. It will be in english, portuguese and spanish. In the documentation there is some need instructions, the in-game tutorial was not been made yet... The controls are WASD and arrow keys to move, ENTER to release or aboard the module in the ship, M for map and P for pause - the basics really!

A brief:

The game’s objective is to rescue miners working in the Asteroid Belt area. After a long working time (somethings never change) many lost timing and can’t go back, so they need rescue! The rescue ship is to large, so it will park in a safe area and you will guide a small module to procede with the task.

I have plans for an iOS version, I am already testing in my iPhone, but I am still learning how to publish in Apple's world.

The game page

Though your game don't have so many graphical demands. A lower resolution option will help, but maybe the overall optimization will really improve the performance. I don't know Unreal, but in Unity there is a lot of resources available to just attach to the objects, each one will demand a lot from the hardware as complex physics, interactions, collisions etc.. I am personally avoiding to make large use of these awesome things because I saw many developers struggling to sell their games just because the overall hardware around the world just can't run it.

Hi! I tried the macOS version but it is unplayable, extremely slow. Thought there is something not working properly. I have a MacbookPro 2012 with Intel HD 4000. But the visuals and sounds are cool! I played the original Moon Patrol back in the 80s and have plans of making my own clone...