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1bit adventure game of cosmic horror inspired by the work of Junji Ito · By panstasz

MAC "The application “” can’t be opened."

A topic by mxmessages created Sep 22, 2020 Views: 552 Replies: 6
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I cannot get the September update to run on Mac. I have taken the app out of my downloads folder, and I have removed the flag from it.

Please advise.

It looks like the mac version that was posted is a windows executable. Am i missing something?

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Same problem. Has anyone gotten this to work?


Okay I figured this out but it takes some terminal know how.

  1. Copy the app bundle to your Applications folder
  2. Launch the terminal application
  3. Type this command `chmod +x /Applications/`
  4. Shift right click on the app bundle and hit open

Explanation: The executable is missing the execute bit, also it's not signed so you have to use the right click open approach to tell macOS to trust it.


Thank you, this worked for me!


Glad I could help!

Got the same problem with the package I just download. Names are different, I add +x to '' but the problem persist. My suggestion is to upload a zipped file with the package, might avoid this kind of trouble.

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I also got it to work by opening it from the desktop Itchio launcher, for anyone that has access to that.

edit: At least for the demo it does.