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Thanks! Means a lot!

Thanks for your support, without you this wouldn't be possible!

Thanks! :)

Really great idea, the writing was pretty fun xD! Nice take on the theme, it fits very well.

Yeah I agree with all the comments, winner right here. 5/5 all aspects, congrats!

I was really impressed on how well the AI for the bird worked well with all the placements I made. Nice game overall!

This game was the most creative I've played so far! I liked the interface a lot. Too hard to beat for me but I tried my best!

Great writing, great presentation and well executed idea! Really cool entry :)

The idea was very creative, and I had a lot of fun playing the game! I event replayed it a couple of times.

Nice presentation, the artstyle is very unique and I love the wat the map has a layer of noise just to make it irregular, that's a really nice touch. Great entry!

Really well polished, I god addicted fast to killing the little guys and jumping high with the banana, nice work :)

Coffee is so cute, the artstyle fo this one was on spot. The idea is also very creative :)

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I really enjoyed the gameplay and the creativity for this one. Also I love the little detail of slowing time down while the player is placing a target, nice touch! The visuals were also very pleasing, great job overall!

Hey nice little concept here, I found it very creative. This would make up to a very interesting puzzle game for the ones that really enjoys challenges. :)

Very clean artsyle, the spiders were so well made. I also really enjoyed the player art and controls. Nice one.

I don`t have much to say, just perfect!

The artstyle was very cute and I enjoyed the idea of changing the roles of the player runtime. Nice upload!

Nice game, cute art!

Well executed idea and enjoyed the effects, nice!

The artstyle was very pretty, specially the dino, and the idea was very clever. Perfect!

Very simple yet well executed idea! The art was fantastic and I really enjoyed the post processing as well and the gameplay was very fun! Great job.

Really fun and comic game! I really dig the art style and I loved the little beer in the hero`s hand. The sound effects of the hero were also very cute. Nicely done!

What a cute little game! I loved the minimalistic art style and somehow felt very relaxed bouncing the character around!

Very cute little game. I guess I'm better being a hero than a boss xD

The art style was fantastic, the animations were fluid ans well made. The idea is also very clever. Great job!

The presentation is perfect, really enjoyed the colours and the art style matches with the game. The gameplay is very satisfying and well done, it has all the juices as well. Great job!

Very enjoyable yet difficult game! Nice work

Sad to hear that, but I believe it's going to be supported by default to all devices soon. But thanks for commenting and letting me know :)!

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Hi! This app is made using WGSL, so be sure you are using the newest version of Chrome or Edge for this. If the error persists, that means that WebGPU is not activated by default in your browser. In that case, you can activate it in chrome://flags/ I believe, not sure. WebGPU soon is going to be activated by default.

Hey man just a heads up for the next time, I believe you made a development build. I accidentally pressed Unreal debug terminal button and it's enabled, letting me control some things in the game that may break the experience for other people. I didn't find any links where I could message you this besides here. Cheers!

Hi! Thanks for your feedback, it helps a lot. And congrats for your entry as well, pretty impressive what your team managed to pull off in less than 2 weeks. :)


Thanks! I'm happy you had fun.

Thank you so much for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it.

Hey! You have some good points that we're going to discuss after the jam ends. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! S2

Thanks for the feedback, I’m happy you had fun playing it!

I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah you came up with a really valid point, I’ll think about this carefully! Thank you.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, I’m glad you had fun with it.