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Nice game, really clever puzzles!

Amazing, as always!

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Believe me when I say this because I have played and made many games like this, it's hard to come up with someting that looks different from the other portal games. I started playing just out of curiosity with no intention of beating the game, but you sir did a great job and I decided to tell you that this game is fun, beautiful and out of the box. Well done!

thanks! :)

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Thanks for the heads up but “rouge” is actually a french word, that means red. Rouge noir will then be red black, a reference to the main room of the game :D



well, I’m glad you still liked it!

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Thanks, that's nice to hear! :D

Thank you very much! :)

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Sorry for the late update on this one. I've build and debugged this game for linux so many times but some objects like buttons are not working correctly (with no changes whatsoever comparing to windows build). I can't post a faulty version of the game here, so please let me know if u still want me to send you this linux version. The game is still playable but you have to try to hit the button in different angles sometimes.

Thank you for the positive feedback! Means a lot!

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Thank you for creating this masterpiece. This inspired me so much to focus more on the artistic and user experience side of games that I sometimes forget when doing countless new mechanics and levels. Some weeks ago I created a game following what I’ve learned from playing this one. I am very happy and proud now, I didn’t think I was capable of such thing. Anyways, I just wanted to show you my immense gratitude. Bye :)

yes, but actually we were deeply inspired by non euclidian minecraft for the puzzles and this insanely awesome game for the aesthetic. 

thank you! :D

The only way to run this code is in unity, because this is the engine we have used in this game. In order to play the game you need to run the binary/exe file available when donwloading the game.

:) love that game

just click in the red download button!

This detailed feedback really helps me a lot. I think most of the thing you've pointed out can be fixed, and as soon as I can, I'm going to take a look at them. And I've suspected of these two scenes when you said that framerate sometimes drops, because they are the ones with >= 6 portals that really need to be rendered :(. That means that the renderer has to do all the render process (even z-buffering) >= 6 times every frame because each portal has a != camera. As I said, I want to turn this project into a unity package, so optimization and code review are on top of my list (I'm learning some new techniques that might help). Thanks for the help! 

thanks! :D

Thanks! We’re very happy to hear that. ty for the level feedback as well! :)

Thanks! This comment made my day :)

This means a lot really, ty very much! :)

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I have achieved similar results with unlit materials, and a ditheting shader with the texture being the default particle from unity. Since it is round and circle shape, it worked pretty well. Might help you

Loved the aesthetic! I’m curious, this effect of darkening the corners of the objects and whitening in the middle is achieved by a dithering shader?

Thanks! this means a lot :)!

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Thank you for posting your feedback here! I am aware of the performance issue with the game but unfortunately I can’t seem to optimize it more. We’ve done frustum culling, occlusion culling, AABB bouding box culling, manual activation and deactivation of portals when the players is far away all in the same scene! With all this the game was measured to run 10x faster. Rendering take part of > 95% of game loop, and since this is done in unity, major part of the rendering cannot be acessed. I’m planning to optimize this game more to become an unity package in the future. Anyway, really cool that you are planning to make a similar game, I am going to check it out! If you have any tips that you think would help optimization don’t be shy to post it here, the game’s code is available for free as said in the description if you are interested too. Also, it would be very helpful if you could tell me wich exact parts of the game caused it to lag. Good luck with your project and wish you the best!

thanks! :)

Sure! All materials are unlit, so the light source doesn’t affect the scene at all. If u are interested the game is open source.

Thanks :)!

The art is adorable, I really like your game style. Congrats!

Thank you for your kind words! This means a lot to us. Great video! (E continue jogando jogos no youtube!)

Thank you!

Thanks! Check out the github page for the mona lisa link

I'm glad to hear that! it is exactly the feeling we wanted to pass xD! Thanks for playing our game and posting on yt! Nice video

Thanks! I'm glad you had fun playing it, that is what I was hoping for :D

Thanks! I really like jazz and often hear some when making a game. I think jazz can make a game very comforting some times, that's why I try to add them in most of my games. I'll check out your yt page. Great music btw!

Thanks for playing! Glad to hear that you liked it!

haha glad to hear that! Thanks for playing our game

nice :)