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Greg Klein

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Posted in Moira comments

Love the art style! Will definitely check this out when I'm not on super crappy airport wifi.

Posted in OASES comments
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How did you manage to get that art so good that my eyes ejaculated tears when looking at the thumbnail for this game?

In all seriousness, would love to know what sort of scripts or methods you used to pull off that cel shaded effect.

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Awesome. I've been looking for an alternative from Unity and Twine. How does the support/ease of use compare to something like HaxeFlixel or Canvas?

Posted in Cibele comments
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I wish I had known this was on itch.io so you would have received a bigget cut of the sale. Oh well, I am loving the game so far and it has inspired me to finish a documentary I started about local video game developers as well as a Twine game about my experiences living with bipolar disorder.

The video game industry needs more voices like yours, but it's encouraging to see you have the courage and passion to express what you want to say freely despite the possibilty of backlash.