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yeah Markositta did a great job with the music.

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cool, music in this game is one of my favorites things and poggers cause no engine was used

then it means I am an idiot

Cool game concept but the Ui and stats are confusing at first and the cards should say what they do and also some new work at art would good thats everything that is needed otherwise a very cool game.

a good addition to this game would be invisibility frames after you get hit because now if you get hit and you are between two enemies you are already dead cause you can't get out and you get damaged instantly otherwise a fun little game

its actually pretty easy cause if you keep running your every jump will skip the same amount of pillars and you will always land on one.

yeah your right, it's probably programmed that when box touches a saw it will remove the box and would +1 to the amount of boxes counter. because it touches two saws at one moment it does it twice but only by deleting one box.

it's fun, the models are funky I like it(also your devlog makes you look like a equivalent of Dani that uses Unreal Engine).