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Project Pink Hook

Hey xicx,

I just completed a run and all in all it's I think it's good. There's a few things that aren't clear to me, like what's the purpose of money and the big gray skeleton, but I'm assuming they're still works in progress. 

What hit me right as I started is that the field of view is extremely small and the huge UI covers a lot of it! I was constantly shooting in front of me while I was walking, because I never knew if an enemy was going to jump on me. The enemies are also similarly colored to the ground tiles, so they're hard to see even on screen. I never used the dash for these reasons; it just seemed suicidal. Additionally, I got lost a few times even though the map is not that big. I just couldn't see where the paths lead to and my memory is mediocre.

No problem!

To clarify, I'm not saying that simply removing the gun without changing anything else would make the game better. The game definitely would have to be redesigned around that or it would most probably make it frustrating. I was mostly trying to give some food for thought :)

Hi Tuskat,

The less unexpected roadblocks there is for the players, the closer the playtime estimate should be.

I've completed the game after about 45 minutes and now that I know what to do, 10-15 minutes is around the time it would take me to complete it again. I think to give better playtime estimates, you have to get better at finding unclear elements of your game(s). For example, there's two important things that could be communicated better: 1) You have to use the environment to kill most of the enemies 2) A button stays activated if anything touches it. Once I understood these two things, the game became a lot clearer/easier.

I know there's some text that hints at the first point so maybe I'm just slow, but I still think it could be better. One reason I think I was confused, is that the first time you encounter an enemy you are required to kill it with your weapon without the environment. Also why would there be a shotgun upgrade if I'm not really supposed to use my gun? Why is there even a gun? It seems like a crazy question, but if the game is focused on using the environment, why not go all in! If I was forced to use the environment, I would have had no room for confusion. Anyway, all I'm saying is the design could be tighter.

About my second point, I think just changing the button's sprite or color when it's pressed could be enough. Generally I find it's better if things change visually according to their state.

Finding the unclarities in your work is definitely a difficult task; I know I always leave some in my games and it's mostly what gets people stuck (that and difficulty spikes). You will get better with experience though. Getting feedback from people is also a big help. I don't know exactly what your friends told you, but maybe you could ask them to be more specific? I find you really don't need many testers to find the most obvious problems.

Thank you :)

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I don't have a cellphone at the moment, sorry.

no problem!

I replayed a bit today to at least kill the first boss and I got to the third wave. The bounce down on key press didn't bother me as much this time. I think it's still worth experimenting without it, but it's not too difficult to adapt.

There's some things you could add like a main menu, a pause menu, some options, etc. In any scoring game a leaderboard is always good. In the end though you're the one who's the most apt to answer that question. Do you think it's missing something? It's your game, so you should know if you're satisfied with it.

Hey bekb,

The controls are good. I feel like it would be better if the "bounce down" attack triggered on key release only. Sometimes I only want to charge, but I have to bounce down also because it triggers on both key press and release. The special attacks made the game a lot easier for me. I think "For high skill players" is a bit of an exaggeration. It's was my first time playing the game and I found them easy to execute.

I really like your use of  visual effects by the way. The attacks all look very satisfying.

Such a nice comment! Thank you :)

I'm planning to only add one last theme for the complete game. I think that'll be enough. You're right though; Currently, about 80% of levels have the same theme, even though there's 3 themes in the demo... It's partly because the current platform types I have were made specifically for the swamp theme. It should be more evenly divided in the final game for sure!

Project Pink Hook (Windows only)

Hi everyone. I just released an update for my grappling hook platformer which adds a lot of new levels. Most of them haven't been played by anyone but me, so I'd like to know how's the difficulty. I'm also looking for general feedback about anything you feel is important.

I just saw in the first post that you're not really looking for bug reports. I can't give feedback on gameplay in these conditions though :/

I still cannot play. Your game really needs some testing... After dressing up, sometimes I can't close the dialog from mom. I had to restart 2-3 times because of it. Then when I get to the BUHA, the controls reset to azerty. I try to change them again, but the game opens inside itself from the beginning. (See image because it's weird to explain)

Nice, I'll try again later.

I'm trying to change the control scheme, but Alt+Shift does nothing for me.

If I had to suggest something, I'd say you could add a link to your composer's SoundCloud since it's mentionned. Other than that, I think you did a great job. The page is clearly well thought out.

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I got an error while fighting the first boss, and again on a later one :( Also I think I lost my save file, because after I restarted the game I had to play from the beginning..

action number 1
of  Step EventFirstBossAttack
for object Smash: Variable SmashBounceBack.checkX(100012, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
at gml_Object_Smash_Collision_262
stack frame is
gml_Object_Smash_Collision_262 (line -1)

I understand want you're going for with the fog. I think you should keep it. It fits with the theme of the game and doesn't really harm the gameplay. It just doesn't make for very appealing promotional material..

Ok so I played for a bit and noted a few small issues:

  • In the settings menu, it's not clear to me if "Post Processing" is on or off. Does red mean on or off?
  • I don't think I should have to read the itch page to learn how to play the game. I'd much prefer if the instructions and controls were taught in-game.
  • I was a bit confused with the phone at first. At the moment if you look straight ahead, the phone is halfway visible at the bottom of the screen. At first I thought I chose the wrong resolution and that I couldn't see part of the game.

Other than that it's hard for me to give feedback because, from want I understand, the game is not supposed to be fun. It would kind of go against the theme. I feel like I'm at the mercy of RNG and will most likely lose every time, but that's probably the point. And I don't think I'm in the position to say how good of a representation of mental health it is. 

Personally, I doubt it's even possible to create a piece of art that accurately represents how it feels to be depressed/anxious. This is an interesting attempt though, and it may help some people.

The link is broken!

From the trailer and screenshots it looks very dark, foggy and blurry. It's hard to see anything. I'll give it a try later.

Hey Heiklion, 

I really like what you've made so far. You're off to a good start :) Here's a few things I noted while playing.

I encountered a bug at the start that made me unable to close the letter. I pressed escape multiple times, but it did nothing. I had to restart the game. I think I found a way to reproduce it, might not work every time:

  1. Walk up to the letter on the desk .
  2. Press the escape key .
  3. Left click on the letter to read it .
  4. Try to close the letter. 

First thing I tried to do after starting the game was change the mouse sensitivity, but couldn't find a way. Maybe I missed the option menu. If not I'm guessing it's planned.

I liked all the scripted scary moments, except the carousel animation. I don't like that it takes control away and the jumpscare at the end is of poor taste I think. It's very "in your face" compared to the other scares and I find scream sound effects obnoxious in general.

The first ritual object I collected was the drawing in the basement and when the text "Collectable for ritual 1/3" appeared I was surprised. I thought "Oh, I'm trying to do a ritual? Not sure why but ok..". I'm also guessing it's already planned to integrate the story better, but I'm saying just in case! If I'm doing something in the game, I'd like to know why before, not after I've done it.

There's what I think are culling issues with the game. Sometimes when I entered a new room some walls took a third of a second to appear. It's quick but noticeable.

The sound effect when you discover the ritual room plays at an awkward time. It plays when you step in the room, but before entering you already see the bodies inside. I think you meant the sound effect to dramatize the reveal, but it doesn't  quite work in my opinion. 

The toilet model is weird to me. Do people have rectangular toilets in real life? Every other model in the game is fine so what's up with the toilets?

My favorite moment from the game is when the.. monster(?) starts playing piano. It's really cool and scary how it gets louder as you get closer and then suddenly stops. I also really like the ending. It's just a door bell sound but it's still scary. I didn't know what to anticipate! I was kind of ready for a big jumpscare, but you handled it with restraint and I like that. 

That's all I have! There may be an imbalance for negative and positive notes in my feedback, but I truly like the game. It's just a lot easier to complain :p I hope development goes well for you :)

I didn't think about Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, but now that you mention it the influence is obvious. I really the idea of those games too, even though I only played Explorers of Time.

I don't have a Discord account and don't plan to at the moment. I've never really been invested in online communities. I'll give you a follow though to see where the game goes :)

Sorry for being so brutal, but your game is extremely simple... It's the kind of game you would make as a "learn the basics" tutorial for any 2d game engine. Even for children I don't see this being very captivating.

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Hi Some Pixel Guy, 

It's an interesting idea you're working on here. I actually was thinking of doing something similar in the future, but it's not for anytime soon! Everything Chao Garden-like always attracts my attention :) I've played for about 45 minutes, maybe an hour. Here's my bit of feedback:

There's a bug with the UI when the Shop menu is opened without closing the Mission menu, and vice versa. The Open/Close button text is not correctly updated. It makes navigating the UI confusing. Also about the UI, I often would click a monster's name to upgrade it and realise I forgot to close whatever menu I had open. It a small thing but it gets irritating. I think menu navigation in general is a bit annoying, since the Open/Close buttons and the menus themselves are at opposite sides of the screen.

I found it weird that monsters are controlled with WASD, but the garden camera is controlled with the Arrow Keys. It seems to me it would be better if it was the same in both places.

Sound is really broken for me. It sounds very glitchy and gets too loud when I get many items at the same time.

I think you should be careful with making projectiles fade out slowly. It's hard to tell when they're fully gone and at what opacity they stop being dangerous. The gas spouting plants are confusing because of that.

I'm wondering about what kind of length you're aiming for with the game. I have no doubt you plan to add more levels, but I'm not sure how many times I can play the same levels over and over with little variance between each run. I think replayability is probably your biggest challenge with this project and I'm courius about how you'll tackle it.

I'll end on some positives :) I like the verticality of the levels. It's something I struggle with in my games; I find I naturally make flat levels. The movement is solid. The game is easy to get into; I understood the menus and controls pretty quick. Its an interesting idea like I said, so I hope you manage to finish the game!

Yeah I totally understand what you mean, and thank you I appreciate it :)

Hi Jack, 

This beats my first game that's for sure! I completed the training twice. First time I got stuck in a bonus area... at least I'm pretty sure I was stuck. I jumped for the ending platform. (I should have seen that coming honestly lol)

Anyway, I noted a few things while playing..

I was a bit annoyed at how the tutorial text at the top of the screen just disappears forever after a short time. I missed I'd say 1/3 of it during my first playthrough and had no way to make it appear again. 

About the movement/controls, I think it's good when on the ground and in the air. Sliding is nice, although I wonder why I can't do it indefinitely. What I'm having difficulty with is running on walls. It very slow. I think I'm supposed to jump when running sideways to go  faster, but half of the time I just fall. I also never managed to get through the wall jump + lasers obstacle the "right" way. From what I can tell, there's no good way to jump away from a wall. I always run out of jumps/dashes somewhere and die.

About the camera, I think it's as good as it can be. I like a free camera that doesn't get obstructed.

I hope this helps and good luck with your project!

I played through the game and I can say I had fun :) It's very Cave Story-ish.

I think you nailed the difficulty. I died maybe 5-6 times(most  times to the final boss). It never got frustrating or too easy for me. I also like how fast paced the game is.

I did get tired of pressing X repeatedly, so I think it would be better if the gun was automatic (Hold X and the gun shoots until you stop pressing). Really that's the only gameplay problem that annoyed me. Other than that, it's all small things. For example I found the visuals to be a bit glitchy. There's some tiles that flicker and a lot of visible seams in the terrain.

The dialogs are a bit confusing and sometimes funny. I am guessing english is not your main language. I think I got the gist of the story though, and I liked how short the dialogs are. In most games I avoid talking to NPCs, butI didn't mind talking to people in this one. I especially liked the "Be near trash... Become trash..." robot; Not sure exactly why, but I think it's a very nice quote :p

Overall I'd say you did a good job :)

Thank you :)

First I want to mention that I didn't even know there was a previous "Gymnast" before reading this thread, so I cannot make any comparison.

1. The game ran perfectly, except for when I accidentally exported a replay. I had to kill the process because it took too long to finish and could not close the window normally. Some way to cancel the export would be nice.

2. I had no controller issue.

3. I played with the two sticks setting and thought it was a clever and mostly intuitive way to control the gymnast, though I had similar thoughts as Kakeb. I'm definitely curious about your ideas about this. About the physics, I think they're fine, but also think it would be worth experimenting with slower speed and maybe a more rigid gymnast. I feel he wobbles a lot wich makes him more unpredictable.

I would have prefered if the slow down feature was a toggle instead of a countdown. As it is now, I have to watch my slow down meter carefully to not be surprised by a return to full speed or accidentally lock myself into constant slow motion. 

4. You did a great job with the current levels. I like the variety and the difficulty. I also really hope you keep your levels as short as they are now in the final game. I think it's the key to making your game fun instead of frustrating. It makes it almost painless to restart multiple times. I do have some comments on specific levels though:

In "Time the Drops", I found the last "jump" annoying. The sudden acceleration of the bottom bar sometimes made the guy move uncontrollably and stops only for a moment not giving me time to slow down or aim. Every time I successfully made this jump I attribute to luck.

My least liked level is "Slide Along". I have no idea what is the correct way to make the jump from the rail to the last bar and I barely know how to traverse the rails. There's probably a trick but I cannot figure it out.

In "Rope Traverse" and "Transfer Variety", sometimes ropes make "knots" wich aren't realistic or fun to undo. Also when I let go of a rope, the guy sometimes regrabs it and kills my trajectory. Maybe disable grabbing as long as RB is pressed down?

5. I still have to try the level editor. No comment at the moment!

6. I think this is the kind of game that gets more fun the better you are at it, but yes I did have fun :)

That's all I have to say for now! Keep in mind that I do like the game and only played for a few hours :)

Doesn't work for me :( I've completed a few levels and lost my profile again.

Sure. Here's a download link.

Looks like it. the profile I was using initially was named "charles".

(1 edit)

I've lost my player profile multiple times now. I'm still not 100% sure how to reproduce it, but I managed to capture it. (recording starts at the title screen)

Also, sometimes I have to try up to 3 times until I'm able to create a new profile.

I'm gonna post feedback on the actual game soon :o)

Works for me, thank you! :)

Same thing happens with the tutorial levels and Settings > Test Controls.

Seems like my output log contains the same thing as Kakeb.

I don't think I can play any of the premade levels :( . Every time I try to, the game freezes and doesn't respond to my inputs. I am able to test custom levels in the level editor though.

I'm trying to play with a wired Rock Candy Xbox 360 controller.

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz

Video Card
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050

4.0 GB

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 10 (build 17134), 64-bit

nice thank you :)

And sorry I didn't realize how ambiguous my question was before you replied..

It just feels backward to me. I'm having a bit of trouble adjusting my brain.

Also to be sure we're thinking about the same thing, I mean invert the controls, not flip the camera :)

PixaVoxet community · Created a new topic Inverting camera

Is there a way to invert the camera vertically?