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Gabriel Santini Quibao

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Thanks for the feedback! Good advice on adding a way to restart the battle once it ends

Thank you!

Dude, this is really amazing. Congratulations on your work. Everything's polished as hell.
I'm really impressed haha.

Thanks for the feedback!

I'm glad you liked our game. Yeah, we should have added more variations to the fighting mechanic. It got a little too simple.

I tried to add some difficulty variation as the fighting went on, but ultimately I failed to deliver it haha. 

Thank you so much!

Thank you for your feedback! Yeah, we kind of got the pacing wrong. But I'm glad we had so much feedback and a lot of ideas to make it work better. 


Muito obrigado! (It means "thank you very much" in potuguese. Now you know 3 words haha). I'm glad you enjoyed the game.  We tried to keep it simple but it also affected the pacing of our game. 

Thank you for you feedback! 

Thanks for the feedback. 

I see. The guy below this comment gave some ideas on how to add some spice to the fighting mechanic and I believe that could help add more depth to the gameplay.

About the font I agree with you that there are some places that it gets to read and it's quite annoying. We'll be more careful about it on our next projects.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

Cool concept. Nice approach to the theme, never crossed my mind to do something time-based lol. I love your art style and the consistency in all of your games. Gameplay is well polished. Congrats man!

My girlfriend recommended this game to me. 
She knows me so well. 

It looks amazing. The gameplay is smooth and well polished. One of the games that I had the most fun so far. Congratulations!

Fun game. Nice SFX and Soundtrack, love the aesthetics. Difficulty is well balanced too. Congrats!

This game is one of the most creative I've seen HAHAHA It took me a little bit to understand how to play but it was my fault not the game's. Congratulations on your submission. Great game, really funny and original concept

Nice game! I really enjoyed the gameplay, but I'm incredibly horrible at it hahaha Great work! The camera animation felt really good and gave a good touch to the game.

Great concept and execution. The animation is really well done and the character movement is really good. Hope you add sounds to the game when the Jam is over because this game with some SFX and soundtrack will be incredible. Congratulations!

Cool game! I laughed hard when I read the first "Woof" . Congrats!

Amazing game. Had so much fun playing it. Congratulations on your result.
The gameplay is simple but so well executed. Soundtrack and SFX are perfect for the game. Amazing  work!

The game looks amazing. I loved the voice over and the SFX. Thought the fighting was kind of easy in the beginning but wasn't able to survive when a huge horde showed up. Had a lot of fun playing it. Congratulations! 

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Thanks for the feedback! The feature of breaking the defense of you opponent was discussed, but ultimately I wasn't able to deliver Also we talked about making a little "stamina" bar that would drain when you raise your defense, but I thought it would be fine if we just leave it as it is (totally my fault hahaha). Now I have to agree with you, we could have added some spice to the fighting mechanics. I'll be more cautious about it next time I do something like that. Thanks a lot!

Thank you for the kind comment. We're glad you enjoyed the gameplay!

Muito obrigado por jogar e pelo feedback!

Projeto está extremamente bem feito. Toda a arte tá super bonita e o gameplay bastante polido. Parabéns mesmo pelo resultado!

Jogo super divertido com bastante potencial para expandir. Visual tá bem bonito, a cena ficou super bem encaixada e o layout da UI também tá bem agradável. Parabéns pelo projeto. Como fã do gênero, gostaria bastante de ver esse projeto evoluindo! Parabéns mais uma vez cara!

The game is now running on browser! Hope you can play it now

Thank you for playing!! We're glad you enjoyed

Mas o bolo tá tão bonito...

Muito obrigado pelo feedback! Ficamos  muito felizes que tenha apreciado nosso projeto!

Thanks Damarjian! We plan on refining and adding more depth to the gameplay. Probably we'll launch it as an Android game later on.

Not yet. We're working on a web version of the game but we haven't figured out what is going on with it haha. As soon as I finish the web build I'll send you a update as a reply here ok? Thanks for the interest!

Yeah, I totally forgot to put some kind of visual feedback on the enemies but I'm glad you were able to beat it, some people got really confused about it. 

Thank you so much for your feedback. It really meant a lot to the team!