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Thanks, Rafael!

The small blob pickups are only differentiated by color, unfortunately. For the slime enemies, I made sure to change their shapes to account for color blindness, but I got lazy near the end when I added the small blob pickups. I really should have given them some slight shape changes as well. :(

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Very cool, Aviv! I really like the Drone mechanic.

Also, thanks for providing a macOS arm64 build :D

Thank you! The game balance is certainly not quite where I wanted it to be. “Wanting more” is a good place for a jam game, though!


Thanks, Rob! The cookie thing sounds weird, I’m guessing that’s something specific to (Another good reason to publish my games on my own site where I can tightly control what’s loaded.)

Thanks! I didn’t do a good job with explaining/teaching game mechanics; one of my bigger regrets for this jam. Appreciate you checking it out!

Thanks! Wish I had time to explore more skills and units, of course :)

Check out Shining Force 2 at some point; it's a pretty good sequel.

Safari 13.1, macOS 10.15.4

Crash when jumping:

TypeError: beepPrepare(freq, t) is not a function. (In 'beepPrepare(freq, t)()', 'beepPrepare(freq, t)' is undefined)

Yep, the game will keep generating levels forever.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Adding a key to skip turns is interesting, but there are a couple things that make me hesitant:

1. The current "skip" requires an environmental component, like a wall or candle/altar. I think it's interesting that your position matters. That said, I could also see it being too tedious. (It's tough to reason about when you've played the game for too long, heh.) 

2. I wanted to keep the controls simple and have all interactions be based upon moving and bumping into stuff.

It's cool that you were able to make it so deep into the game! Floor 43 is pretty far, but it sounds like you made it ever farther after you changed your strategy a bit. What's the farthest you've been?

Funnily, the persistent floors weren't something that I had originally planned, but they do interact well with the skeleton's unbounded exploration.

Thanks for taking the time to check out the game and post your thoughts, much appreciated!

Here's what you do:

1. Die

2. Avoid that situation next time


I switched from using npm to yarn back when yarn first released since it was faster and had "locking". I gather that newer versions of npm are on par now, but I haven't had a compelling reason to swap back.

Side project micro-engine :)

Djinn hasn't aged well, and I'm militant about using TypeScript these days.

If you're curious, the source is on GitHub.

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Agreed about some item progression providing a nice incentive to explore. (The procedural generation is a bit too simplistic as well, since you can guess or know the possible layout if you've played enough)

More monsters/boss would also be cool.

I can't take much credit for the graphics as the sprites are from Kenney's 1-bit Pack and recolored using the DawnBringer 32 palette. Kudos to them for making cool stuff and putting it out there for use!

This is 100% a lizardlike! At some early point (well before reality set in and I had to scope down), I planned to have an end boss who, once defeated, cursed you to live as a human/lizard hybrid...

Thanks! I tried to focus on "small, but done" in the spirit of the challenge.

The knockback into another room is an interesting case; I guess I never encountered/tested that.

There is currently no end. It's "arcade"-style where you play endlessly for a personal best. (That said, the game might not be balanced well enough where stays interesting at deeper levels.)

Appreciate the feedback!

Nice! Here's another secret: I left in some debugging items to the left of the starting screen. :)

Also, changes incoming to skeleton tonight!

Love the 3D models! Such attention to detail, great job!

Game ending needs some coin-ing :D #SHIPIT

Fun! Quick game loop makes you want to keep playing until you beat it. Would be cool to display how many swords it took before you escape the cave.