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Thanks! I tried to focus on "small, but done" in the spirit of the challenge.

The knockback into another room is an interesting case; I guess I never encountered/tested that.

There is currently no end. It's "arcade"-style where you play endlessly for a personal best. (That said, the game might not be balanced well enough where stays interesting at deeper levels.)

Appreciate the feedback!


It would be great if the difficulty scaled a bit faster. I had some trouble with food around floor 20, but then I learned to guess the placement of the stairs and stopped exploring the whole floors. I managed to get just enough drops that I could more or less just run through the floors from stairs to stairs. It would be nice if the (very nicely done) treasure rooms had some more stuff than extra gold or food. If there was a scaled equipment, I wouldn't be able to ignore exploration without getting slaughtered a few floors down.

Obviously, several extra end-game enemies or a final boss would be sweet. :)

BTW, I dig the graphics. :)

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Agreed about some item progression providing a nice incentive to explore. (The procedural generation is a bit too simplistic as well, since you can guess or know the possible layout if you've played enough)

More monsters/boss would also be cool.

I can't take much credit for the graphics as the sprites are from Kenney's 1-bit Pack and recolored using the DawnBringer 32 palette. Kudos to them for making cool stuff and putting it out there for use!