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Thanks for sharing your feedback, as always is something I really appreciate. Even some words keep time to be written, so hey thanks!

Good work overall, I am sure it must have been difficult to implement all these mechanics. Goes to show you how unrealistic Josh's expectation was.

For me the difficulty is to find the right angle to think about these mechanics. Because takes times to build a prototype,  the learning curve is really hard to follow (and it's an hobby, not a full time work for me). I will write on my blog on Infiltration postmortem, hope you will find time to read and comment what I've learned and what I'm expect from these kind of games

About Josh's and Tws: I don't blame him. Having a great vision is cool, but make people believe in that vision is even harder. I think that with right amount of money, at least 4/5 developers in a reasonable time it's possible to build a litte part of that vision.

Not with my money, of course :D

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cool concept well developed, great work!

found no bugs and this a plus !

Please share your thoughs here

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Another cool puzzle i love It.

Could you please add undo One move? One Little mistake and game Is over!

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Well crafted game,  no bugs! Congrats

sure! I'm also looking for inspirations, so feel free to suggest something! I forgot to mention spinnmortality, cyberpunk setting, but you are a big evil one :D

I suggest to keep an eye on heretic operative and spire of sorcery !

thanks Bobby! I am working on It with a differenti take than your project. About shadows behind the Throne, even a small update Will appreciated by all of us !

Feel free to share your feedback about version 0.0.9 here

thanks! I am working on another game now, but when i will finish It, i will take your suggestion in consideration

Thanks @Archifenix for feedback, really appreciated! I have put your suggestions on my todo list, in next releases I will address this problems too!

Thanks for feedback @LeKopic ! Here my thoughts:

1) it's a prototype so travelling is just a feature that I want to implement on "bare bones" state, so you are absolutely right! I think I can add a "neutral action" to display that an npc is considering to leaving a city and move to another one and maybe in the future the path and maybe future plans, right move to a city and to another. Tavern POI ? cool idea! I considered only "graveyard" and "dungeons" but taverns will be a cool choice too!

2) you are right, there is only an "on over" effect

3) cool idea!

4) I have to find a way to implement it, but defenetely a good feedback!

5) I have mixed feeling about this, maybe an option would be more clear?

6) nope, should be fixed, do you experienced this problem? How?

7) yes I know, I will work on a video for the future, for this tutorial at least

Thanks for feedback! Really appreciated!

Feel free to share your feedback about version 0.0.8 here

cool anyway!

There is only one end ?

I was busy too, so I don't mind! And thanks for feedback!

I like the idea to work on top of tags, adding some sort of mechanics! I have a lot of ideas on this, also because tags can be a sort of path players can follow to unlock particular powers or other tags too! For example manipulate a particular npc with a strong tag, let them power up and have a more crazy, but physical powerful npc.

And again on city-building side you are absolutely right! I think that with some sort of city map player will have more control on what is going on in the city, where to expand a controlled npc influence and so on. If I can generalize this concept, I can see a possible pattern here: corrupt an npc, expand his influence in the city, or guild, or in another dimension (religion, economic, arcane, etc..) and get bonus for this powerful npc.

A downside of this approach is that player, as you said, should keep attention on a particular npc, where he invested time and resources: right now a crazy enough npc can die in a fight and player could potentially lose a log for this.. If I'm the player I will be a little pissed about this :(

For the ui report, thanks, I will investigate! I have a lot of bugs to work on it, but I need to focus on complete core mechanics first! I know you can perfectly understand me on this side!

Thanks again!

Thanks again Archifenix for sharing your thoughts! I really appreciate your words and sorry for being late :D

About rebellions right now what I need is to find a way to let them become part of gameplay, not something a player, like you can hate. I liek the way you bypassed the problem! This could be a sort of emergent gameplay? I'm not sure anyone besides me and you could appreciate this, but who knows!

The freeze problem is something strange, never happened to me: the game after loading will be on memory (it's a small game, btw) so it's really strange! Let me know if you experienced this kind of problem again!

Thanks again!

Feel free to share your feedback about version 0.0.7 here

First of all, thank you for feedback! I want to stress everyone with interest in this kind of project to provide feedback like you, it's very important for me in order to keep project running and also for motivation!

Like you said, this is a prototype, so only basic gameplay elements are present and I have to keep calm and don't add too much stuff. I've said in bay12 forum thread, my goal for this project is to create a working gameplay with base mechanics, test them with players interested in genre and after that expand it, maybe in a more visually compelling tecnology.

After "living cities" update, there is a lot going on on npc side: they can gather resources, get followers, solve quests and this happens every turn, on every city. Almost every players reported that this simulation (more a board game right now) produce a lot of informations to follow. This is a choice I've made to create a "living world" where npc acts and follows their directions and if a player is a god, how much he can affect the world? Right now only indirectly: you can "force" a npc to follow your "calling" and search for lost knowledge or manipulate him to work over relationship. Maybe you miss the relationship manipulation, on actor panel: you can see currently selected npc's relationship with other city npcs and which kind of relation they had, like for example "HATE" (the only one right now, btw).

Balance like you notice is also a good point right now, if you were able to wind without manipulation 2 times, I suspect you will able to win every time now.! Seriously, this will depend on how to organize player actions: I have some ideas, but I like also to read some suggestions too. Regarding rebellions, I have to work on it to make less common event, but depends on food, like you notice.

Investigation are based on clues: every action player mades in a city create small clues in that city. From time to time, there is a little chance for every npc to follow this clues and rise global awarness level (until defeat). Is a simple system I've designed to keep play into a loop (do action -> create clues -> uncover knolwedge before global awarness go too much high), but is not working fully because player is not fully aware on how much clues are left behind, where and which npcs are more interested in investigation or not. For example, is a nice idea for a "corrupted" npc (I mean focus + calling ) to start investigation ?

Thanks for try my prototype, really important for me! And about TWS, you are right, at least you can play this prototype and provide feedback: I strongly believe in this kind of approach an encourage you to "spread the word" about Infiltration to any people you think could be interested, my hope is not to create a replacement to TWS, but instead an interesting game (with working demo!) with clear mechanics and gameplay balanced enough to be fun. For me fun in this kind of games is to force the world to follow your rules and actions, using manipulations and so on, but also to give players this "level of power" they need to understand to what is going on and from your report, you get the whole idea, so thanks for report!

Nice game, well done! 

Good concept, nice graphics!

Thanks for comments! Tutorial is something to add when prototype will be completed and about mess of information thrown to the player I'm working on it!

Nice spot for stats bug, thanks!

About the investigation should be also the event, I will check more thanks!

Well done! I love this kind of demake (an actual game btw!)

Feel free to share your feedback about version 0.0.6 here

Thanks BobbyTwoHands for your feedback!
It's really important for me get feedback and from something like you that faced similar development issues, well.. it's cool!

0) I think you miss the "you win screen", well.. it's a prototype after all :D

1) Thanks for kind words! I've put some effort in build a sort of "tabletop game" behind the scenes and I believe that this kind of games will benefit from this "living simulation". I've read a book about gameplay design few months ago and found inspiring one of the key points: if you give to players some points to use as "hooks" for imaginations, their mind (your mind too!) will try to fill the gaps and the game will be more fun too!

2) you are absolutely right. This is something that I have to take in considerations for next releases. I want to mix it with "tag system" so special tags or traits will gave to particular NPCs more resistance (or not) to your powers. I have the feeling that also slow down the simulation behind a little bit will give player time to observe NPCs movements, what do you think about this point ?

3) thanks for feedback about this! I need for sure improve "simulation feedback" to players, so colour-coded messages are a good point too

4) yes, it will be on next release! Quests will be a key point "soon" (tm) when all key elements wil be in place

5) nice catch! I never considered before to change city's description, thanks!

Thanks again for feedback, feel free to add any ideas!

Feel free to share your thought on this build here! Report errors, ideas and anything you think is useful!

In this release I've added automatic advancement for turns, so game should be more fast and engaging, feel free to provide any feedback!

i'm sorry for your loss, man. (random stranger like me)

Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback on this prototype.

If you want to help, please take a little bit of time and read README file included, try to use ancient power and obtain victory. I really need to get feedback on how do you play and ideas on how to improve this prototype. Thanks!

I love it and wait for a pc version :D

Feel free to provide any feedback

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well it's fine for me :D just need for improvement, when there will be a new release with classes you show on twitter?

edit: just see it, good to see improvements :D