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cool, if you have resource open a little bit on mods on this side can help too

Hi! I've played Relic Space and write a "small review" on my blog, hope to get you motivated to let Relic Space become even better:


I hope you will find time to share your comments also on bgg and maybe a review after some plays :D

I like "buts" because you put some thoughts and effort in order to enhance the game, so they are welcome!

> It seams to me the rules are a bit confusing. The units with the fist.. Are the depleted loyalty?

Yes, the fist are token and means depleted loyalty. I will clarify this on next releaase (2.1) with a legend on the map and on the rules

> Do they move? Are they involved in the battles? What part do they play in the control of each province?

Depleted loyalty are just tokens, not units. This means they don't move, just represent the general "lost of trust" on the central government and later can be a spark of future rebellions

>There is a way to turn that units in normal legions again?

No, but you can remove them using the "Province development" basic action, that remove one of this token in a province of the empire.

> If Rebels move across the sea they reach Rome quite easily. Am I right?

Yes! Rebels doesn't follow barbarian constrains because they can move by sea ( they are citizen of the roman empire!) and can be a threat for the player.

> (I LOVE IT SO MUCH the graphic of the cards A LOT. 

Thanks! I'm blessed with a great graphic designer, so we are happy to get the right style. Our aim on this side is use a "cartoonish style" that can help player to get hooked by the game, but we know Delenda Roma is a brutal, difficult game, so it's there is a big contrasts on this.

> I would love to see the Roles Handbook with the same graphic style. Also: it would help a lot to navigate through the game... like been more consistent with vocabulary<->icons

My bad on this.. and help is welcome! Another helpful player proposed a translation in Portuguese and made some changes on the rules file, adding icons and map example. I think for the next release of the rules to use this approach!

> The Cards: some times it is not clear if the player can "opt out". 

Yes and no.

Player has to complete them before the end or get the bad effect.

On the rules I think to have explain it , let me know if is clear for you:

"The Roman player can also choose to discard the active Senate card, getthe penalty described on the card, and place it in the discard pile. "

So you can opt out.. and get the bad effect.

As hint, one strategy is not to rush and complete a Senate cards when it's easy, because most of the times next Senate card can be difficult to solve.. so make your decision wisely!

> From the Senate Cards: some time the timing is confusing... like: "Destroy 6 barbarians in one turn" Has to be the following turn? (then at the end of the following turn the card get discarded? any turn in the future?

Again let me know if rules are clear:

"If there is an active Senate card, count down turn tracker for Senate card.If there is no active Senate card, draw the top card from the Senate deck as the new active Senate card "

So following your example, if you draw the "Destroy 6 barbarians in one turn" card in this turn, has to be by the end of the next turn

>(for shearing the images:  I have the gimp files. is there a private chat on this platform? so we can exchange email address. Or look for me on FB: "Daddo Art" or "Daddoillustrations"). ANyway... I like Delenda Roma a lot. Very well done. I like the idea of "playing against the system" I would be happy to keep this conversation going. DADDO

You can write to me on randomtowerofgames on gmail dot com


Thanks, you are right on sesterzi :D 

If you can share somewhere, I can send to my graphic designer and we can work on that!

Hope you will post your review and feedback here and on bgg :D

"E buona partita!"

thanks! As prototype is hard to get into the game, but thanks for trying it!

Infiltration community · Created a new topic Open sourced

I've missed this so.. better late than sorry this time!

You can find Infiltration open source code here: 

I haven't touched in a year.. so keep in mind is just a prototype ( and it's a mess sometimes!)

I completely agree, home some tutorial will help to get started

Pact community · Created a new topic 0.0.9 feedback

Here my feedback on this release:

- sometimes mouse does not highlight properly options in the menu
- why I'm not able to use ice wall to a knight ally ?
- every time you enter a location, a dialog popup. This is fine for new locations, but for older one this could be an option ?
- I think there is a bug: if you open the menu during combat, end turn button disapear ?

As balance, I'd like to be able to recruite more followers, even weak one. They act as "more hp buffer" from my main character, and provide more interesting options during combat too
Pact community · Created a new topic 0.0.7 feedback

Hi againt, I will provide another feedback, hope to help!

  • now start is more easy and focused, thanks!
  • on the map it's possible to see if there is a battle, but player is not able to assest how much powerful enemy is, I think this can be a problem ?
  •  before map is drawn first time, there is a small time ( less than one second ) where there is an empty map
  • i don't know if is a bug or a feature: player cannot move more than one location per furn, right ?
  • why player should anger a location using snake oil?
  • mercenary market works ? I have 269 gold, but I don't know how to hire mercenaries
  • I'm not sure why I have buy out the pact card. I think is something related to the setting/plot, but because it's high cost see them every time, always it's like "this is your goal, you will work hard to achieve it!"


  • when hunters are in a location, like village, they are hard to spot/see
  • for roads: did you consider to highlight them more? On medium zoom roads are really small
  • maybe tooltips on base resources could help, like for example explain what is social mana and where to use it. In Paradox's games ( crusader kings 2, eu4, just check a video on youtube) there is the concept of "progressive" tooltips. Some content ( like title, for example "nature mana") is displayed immediately, but after one second full tooltip is displayed

Hope it helps!

Pact community · Created a new topic 0.0.6 feedback

Hi! I've played version 0.0.6 and found it interesting as concept! I built a prototypeabout similar ( but different concept ), fun to see other people working on it !

My feedback, ordered from first sight to the end:

- at first sight lack of color is strange: why no color almost at all ?
- died at first combat in a cave near the gate: hopefully some easy combat to start with ?
- during combat phase: why there is no auto-end if player has no way to play another card ?
- point of interest ui: choices should be at center, not on the right
- demon hunters has same sprite as bandits ? - some keyboard shortcut could help to speed-up things
- you can scroll the map in every direction ( fine ! ) but player can scroll at one point where there is nothing to be displayed ( bad.. where I was ?)
- in some way the music remind me about diablo
- character design/lack of colors/icons does not match about theme of the game: demons

My suggestion is to keep working on it, put some effort on:

- presentation ( ui / color / user experience). There is a pact between a mortal and a god/demon. Match everything in your game about this. Colors/fonts. Don't re-invent the wheel, just research from famous games and pick your choices
- player journey: provide a simple combat at start, get reward and so on. So player can acquire more cards/allies and "feel" powerful. First five minutes are crucial, design them and ask for feedback about these first approach
- replayability: combat so far is tedius after a while. Player should come back to play combat phase. For me is tedius and I ask for a "auto-combat" option.. not a good sign I think. Take a look to other cards games (like Hearthstone). Players come back to play because there is a lot of different combinations + randomness on card uses.

Game remind me a little old Magic game and of course Heroes of Might and Magic, you should mention your inspirations and take attention on "marketing" side of things. Explain your game vision, direction and keep dev logs!

Good work!

Nice concept!

What a shame, one reason to stay far, far away from Unity :(

Seriously, did you try to explain your problem on some reddit channel about unity ? Maybe they help!

Nice games, controls are hard to master

My 2 cents on this. Don't expand. Test, balance, test again. In this year I've learned sometimes as developer I want to add, add, add. But best for my creation ( maybe yours too? ) is to stop, polish, balance.

And of course explain, tutorial etc.. maybe some let's play on youtube could help too

Good to see you back to work!

I think core loop is essential and if you have time to read, I have some postmortem for Infiltration here

Essentialy, this kind of games need for sure a core loop, but more important need to be part of a coherent vision. Priority, priority, priority! Don't add new systems until base systems are working and game receive good feedback from players

great news! Hope you will write devlogs so I can quickly keep up with changes!

thanks for explanation!

there is a tutorial ?

Does not work on windows 10 x64

Well executed game, no bugs, a gem, well done! Hope you will share some info other than discord here on itch!

Thanks for sharing your feedback, as always is something I really appreciate. Even some words keep time to be written, so hey thanks!

Good work overall, I am sure it must have been difficult to implement all these mechanics. Goes to show you how unrealistic Josh's expectation was.

For me the difficulty is to find the right angle to think about these mechanics. Because takes times to build a prototype,  the learning curve is really hard to follow (and it's an hobby, not a full time work for me). I will write on my blog on Infiltration postmortem, hope you will find time to read and comment what I've learned and what I'm expect from these kind of games

About Josh's and Tws: I don't blame him. Having a great vision is cool, but make people believe in that vision is even harder. I think that with right amount of money, at least 4/5 developers in a reasonable time it's possible to build a litte part of that vision.

Not with my money, of course :D

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cool concept well developed, great work!

found no bugs and this a plus !

Please share your thoughs here

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Another cool puzzle i love It.

Could you please add undo One move? One Little mistake and game Is over!

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Well crafted game,  no bugs! Congrats

sure! I'm also looking for inspirations, so feel free to suggest something! I forgot to mention spinnmortality, cyberpunk setting, but you are a big evil one :D

I suggest to keep an eye on heretic operative and spire of sorcery !

thanks Bobby! I am working on It with a differenti take than your project. About shadows behind the Throne, even a small update Will appreciated by all of us !

Feel free to share your feedback about version 0.0.9 here

thanks! I am working on another game now, but when i will finish It, i will take your suggestion in consideration

Thanks @Archifenix for feedback, really appreciated! I have put your suggestions on my todo list, in next releases I will address this problems too!

Thanks for feedback @LeKopic ! Here my thoughts:

1) it's a prototype so travelling is just a feature that I want to implement on "bare bones" state, so you are absolutely right! I think I can add a "neutral action" to display that an npc is considering to leaving a city and move to another one and maybe in the future the path and maybe future plans, right move to a city and to another. Tavern POI ? cool idea! I considered only "graveyard" and "dungeons" but taverns will be a cool choice too!

2) you are right, there is only an "on over" effect

3) cool idea!

4) I have to find a way to implement it, but defenetely a good feedback!

5) I have mixed feeling about this, maybe an option would be more clear?

6) nope, should be fixed, do you experienced this problem? How?

7) yes I know, I will work on a video for the future, for this tutorial at least

Thanks for feedback! Really appreciated!

Feel free to share your feedback about version 0.0.8 here