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A turn-based strategy roguelike. Make a pact with a demon for world changing powers and survive the consequences. · By porousnapkin

0.0.6 feedback

A topic by gornova created Mar 16, 2020 Views: 148 Replies: 1
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Hi! I've played version 0.0.6 and found it interesting as concept! I built a prototypeabout similar ( but different concept ), fun to see other people working on it !

My feedback, ordered from first sight to the end:

- at first sight lack of color is strange: why no color almost at all ?
- died at first combat in a cave near the gate: hopefully some easy combat to start with ?
- during combat phase: why there is no auto-end if player has no way to play another card ?
- point of interest ui: choices should be at center, not on the right
- demon hunters has same sprite as bandits ? - some keyboard shortcut could help to speed-up things
- you can scroll the map in every direction ( fine ! ) but player can scroll at one point where there is nothing to be displayed ( bad.. where I was ?)
- in some way the music remind me about diablo
- character design/lack of colors/icons does not match about theme of the game: demons

My suggestion is to keep working on it, put some effort on:

- presentation ( ui / color / user experience). There is a pact between a mortal and a god/demon. Match everything in your game about this. Colors/fonts. Don't re-invent the wheel, just research from famous games and pick your choices
- player journey: provide a simple combat at start, get reward and so on. So player can acquire more cards/allies and "feel" powerful. First five minutes are crucial, design them and ask for feedback about these first approach
- replayability: combat so far is tedius after a while. Player should come back to play combat phase. For me is tedius and I ask for a "auto-combat" option.. not a good sign I think. Take a look to other cards games (like Hearthstone). Players come back to play because there is a lot of different combinations + randomness on card uses.

Game remind me a little old Magic game and of course Heroes of Might and Magic, you should mention your inspirations and take attention on "marketing" side of things. Explain your game vision, direction and keep dev logs!

Good work!


I really appreciate the feedback! Very helpful to hear how the game is feeling from the outside.

I'll try painting the map soon and see if I can get that into the next patch.

I'm also not fond of the current UI and need to do another pass on it. Hope to do so soon!