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That's awesome! glad you enjoyed it.


That definitely sounds like a bug! Thanks for the report. You were killing the buffed enemy during the "fast" phase before enemy actions and they attacked with the higher strength? I will look into that. 

Excellent! Congrats on the win! 

It really makes my day to know people enjoy the game.

Thanks! I'm trying to work on a sequel that's bigger, though I think I over-scoped it. Hopefully I can get out something new soon!

Sorry about that. I  used Unity's Linux build but don't have a machine myself to test it on. Thanks for the info!

Thanks! You made my day!

Sorry about the bug! (And my slow response!) I still haven't found the cause of that one, unfortunately, but you're not the first person hit by it. Glad you enjoyed it otherwise!

Thanks! I'm working on a sequel with more stuff.

I'm really happy to hear that! Thanks for writing in!