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Thanks gornova!

  • Battle difficulty popups are definitely on the horizon.
  • The lag at startup is due to it randomly generating. I plan to try moving it over to another thread at some point. Thanks for the reminder!
  • Right now you can only move to one location each day. There will be spells in the game that allow you to jump locations.
  • Primary reason to anger a location is to get the money from Snake Oil. You're taking a bad long term for good short term sort of action.
  • The "Buy Out" Pact card is one of the (two) ways to win the game. Thanks for noting this isn't obvious! I may rework the opening game flow more like what you're suggesting this patch if I get time.
  • Hunter visibility -> Good call out! I'll see what I can do to make characters pop more. Playing idle animations might help since movement draws attention.
  • I'm reworking the roads colors in this patch to make them pop more, especially in forests where the dashed line is very hard to read.
  • I'll think on the resource tooltip! Are you thinking like the spells you have that use that mana could be listed underneath it? Interesting idea...