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A turn-based strategy roguelike. Make a pact with a demon for world changing powers and survive the consequences. · By porousnapkin

0.0.7 feedback

A topic by gornova created Mar 23, 2020 Views: 118 Replies: 1
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Hi againt, I will provide another feedback, hope to help!

  • now start is more easy and focused, thanks!
  • on the map it's possible to see if there is a battle, but player is not able to assest how much powerful enemy is, I think this can be a problem ?
  •  before map is drawn first time, there is a small time ( less than one second ) where there is an empty map
  • i don't know if is a bug or a feature: player cannot move more than one location per furn, right ?
  • why player should anger a location using snake oil?
  • mercenary market works ? I have 269 gold, but I don't know how to hire mercenaries
  • I'm not sure why I have buy out the pact card. I think is something related to the setting/plot, but because it's high cost see them every time, always it's like "this is your goal, you will work hard to achieve it!"


  • when hunters are in a location, like village, they are hard to spot/see
  • for roads: did you consider to highlight them more? On medium zoom roads are really small
  • maybe tooltips on base resources could help, like for example explain what is social mana and where to use it. In Paradox's games ( crusader kings 2, eu4, just check a video on youtube) there is the concept of "progressive" tooltips. Some content ( like title, for example "nature mana") is displayed immediately, but after one second full tooltip is displayed

Hope it helps!


Thanks gornova!

  • Battle difficulty popups are definitely on the horizon.
  • The lag at startup is due to it randomly generating. I plan to try moving it over to another thread at some point. Thanks for the reminder!
  • Right now you can only move to one location each day. There will be spells in the game that allow you to jump locations.
  • Primary reason to anger a location is to get the money from Snake Oil. You're taking a bad long term for good short term sort of action.
  • The "Buy Out" Pact card is one of the (two) ways to win the game. Thanks for noting this isn't obvious! I may rework the opening game flow more like what you're suggesting this patch if I get time.
  • Hunter visibility -> Good call out! I'll see what I can do to make characters pop more. Playing idle animations might help since movement draws attention.
  • I'm reworking the roads colors in this patch to make them pop more, especially in forests where the dashed line is very hard to read.
  • I'll think on the resource tooltip! Are you thinking like the spells you have that use that mana could be listed underneath it? Interesting idea...