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Thanks for the heads up! I haven't gotten a crash in my playtests. Any chance you get a popup that mentions unreal when it crashes? If so, I'd love it if you could take a screenshot of it and send it here.

You're the first person to report a crash so I could really use your help in tracking it down! (Although I do have a few soft-locks recorded I want to get fixed, nothing crash related yet.)

There is Only Power was unfortunately pretty crash-prone early in its development as well, but with enough feedback I was able to fix  most of them up. Hoping to follow that trend here!

BTW: Saving is in the plans! I haven't prioritized because I figured at present the game was short enough it wouldn't help much. But it will probably help chasing down crashes since you could post crashing save files, so I'll try prioritizing it for next weeks patch (which will release around 4/10).