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That's an interesting idea, we actually never planned for all weapons to have an alt fire function, we just ended up doing it to make them feel more distinct.
Right now I can actually think of a couple of ideas for the machinegun and railgun, but yeah it'd been impossible to put them in with the deadline lol
Thanks for the feedback :)

Thanks for the pack! Super cool of you to offer it for free :)

Amazing game!

Thank you!
The music feel might be a result of us being from Latin America :)

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Hey, thanks for your comment! 
Were you playing on a phone or something? Unfortunately we only support desktop at the moment.
Please let us know if that's not the case, since we would like as many people to play as possible!

We definitely noticed that and wanted to create a better ticket generation algorithm, but unfortunately we didn't manage to do it in time

Glad you fixed it in the browser, this game is great! It took me a couple of tries to understand what was going on, but I think if that's made a bit more clear it could turn out really interesting!

Only thing I notice is that the "power-ups" are more harmful than beneficial in general, as they make it harder to control, would be great to add a couple of "extra points" (or other beneficial pick ups) mixed in with the power-ups so you can try and grab something good, also would make for an interesting risk-reward.

Really like the amount of different ways to control the ship, really makes you get creative by the end. Absolutely recommend it!

The game looks cut off (tried with chrome/firefox/brave browser) and I can't play it :(
Is there a platform where this doesn't happen so I can try it?

It's a neat idea, would be cool to have some more polish and shorter levels as it feels quite unforgiving right now

I love warioware! this is one of the most fun games I've seen in this jam, kudos!