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Very original and fun idea! I would have liked it to be more clear when you can/can't send a piece to a specific board. This might be fun to expand into an asymmetrical multiplayer game in the future!

Great art direction, and very impressive scope for a project made in 48 hours! It would have been nice to have some sound design and I wish the panic attack was a little more interactive than just freezing the player. The visual effect for the panic attack was fantastic and the amount of unique sprites was unbelievable!

Loved it! The equations and number changing animations were fantastic. Best edutainment game of the jam!

We don't normally enjoy tower defense games... but we LOVED this. Full marks. Great job!

Attention crew, we're about to leave a comment. Brace for impact. This was one of the funniest games we played in the jam! Loved it!

Really fun game and excellent sense of progression. Polished presentation and it controls beautifully!

Super fun puzzle game. Simple, but very cool graphics/effects!

This is fantastic! I could see it becoming a full release game I'd pay for!

Hey there Houston, permission to leave a comment?

Great twist on the sokoban game style! Simple, solid, and fun - love having to plan moves ahead instead of having full control.

After 5 years of development we just released our first commercial game, DOUBLE INVASION!! 

We went in knowing almost nothing about programming or pixel art, but we stuck with it and are very proud of the game we've made!

The grid-based block-pushing puzzle-adventure is back and better than ever!

The Germ Queen has invaded your body! Guide an army of nano-bots through your alien organs to solve puzzles, cure the infection, and drive out her germs!

  • Push, shoot, and sacrifice your way through 70+ chambers full of deadly viruses and challenging puzzles.
  • Meet friendly microbes along your journey. Save your body to save their home!
  • Fight evil versions of your organs in large-scale puzzle battles!
  • Multi-level hints! Choose your hint level from a slight nudge to a full spoiler.
  • Unlock 20+ super-challenging bonus chambers by rescuing all optional Symbois! The true ending awaits...

Your wife cradles your limp body. Innocent bacteria tremble before the queen's army. It's time to boot up your PINK-EE units and wipe out those germs. They deserve it, right?


Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention! Hope it didn't ruin your enjoyment of the game.