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Currently to rename a file, I “Save As…” to a new copy and then “Delete File” on the original. This works fine, but a “Rename File” would be nice :) Seems like a minor oversight to me :P

If you use the Itch app, you can download website-based things for offline use. Not sure why it isn’t an option in the Itch website.

I wish there were filtering options for the list… at least the ability to separate computer games from the assets and paper games. Going through 36 odd pages will take whilleee

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The default width for space is waay to small for my font:

I was wondering if it is possible to make it wider with this tool? Or is it something I’ll have to manually change in the font file?

Very nice game!

One thing, sometimes the crows spawn not near the edge of the screen and this can feel a bit janky. e.g. one spawned right at the middle of the screen.

This is a must have, please may it be added

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That's what I ended up doing in the end, I created a list containing the buttons and if it wasn't in there the program would enter "typing mode"  if you then press enter/escape it will exit that mode and go back into "gamepad" mode, using the engine's gamepad functions.

Try clicking & dragging the tilesheet.png onto the sheet viewer, it might not have loaded properly.

Is the editor open source?

I'm not talking about the engine/library, that's on GitHub, I'm talking about the editor that you use to make tilemaps and build the code.

I've figured out how to use the mouse input now, still wondering about keyboard.

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In project settings it seems that there is some form of Mouse events, but I have been unable to find out how they work.
Is it possible to get the mouse position and buttons that are pressed?

Also a way to get raw keyboard input other than the buttons would be nice, one use would be for typing.

Dig deeper than the basement, but not straight down!

Could it be any 12 keys we like or does it have to be only those ones?