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Tomorrow or in a year, count me in.

This game in Alpha is already better than many on 1.0,  keep up the good work and when you can please create a Steam page store for the wishlist.

Why this game is not yet on Steam ?

I would buy day 1 even on Early Access.

Thanks for the warning, i almost bought it.

Please release this game on EA immediately on Steam.

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Hi, great game.

Please don't forget to check your steam page forum too.

It's on the download section below the links ''Claim Steam key''.

I hope you don't mind but i put the link of on the steam forum, and please if you can, add more tags for a easy find.

Really nice, already on my wishlist.

Agartha community · Created a new topic Steam

Hi, sorry to bother, when on steam?

You can post here too:  more people need to know about this game, wish you good luck.

Smith and Winston community · Created a new topic Steam

Hi, is this game gonna be released on steam? If yes, please create a steam page so i can wishlist.

Hi, any chance for a steam release?

Hi, please create a steam page.

Hi @blackjackGT glad to see you in here i tried to reach you on steam, i saw your support on Synthetic and i hope if you can to see your feedback/support  for this game too.

Please put this game on steam i will auto buy.


Best regards.

BEACON community · Posted in Steam

I already contacted some people on steam, hope to see more people coming to steam forum (please keep an eye just in case if you have time) i really want to see this game succeed.

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Added just know, if you can please post news there to, i know you already have a community on but people are going to start showing and asking questions on steam and it would be great to create a good community on steam too, more people need to start following this great game.

Once again good luck.

Thanks for the answer, can't wait to buy/play it on steam.

Good luck and good sales for you all.

Best regards.

BEACON community · Created a new topic Steam
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Hi, sorry to bother but why this game is not on steam yet?