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Sci-fi Action Roguelite. Collect DNA from enemies and mutate yourself to victory! · By monothetic


A topic by GoldenBoy82 created May 03, 2018 Views: 785 Replies: 9
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Hi, sorry to bother but why this game is not on steam yet?


Hey! We wanted to get the game out to a smaller core community and felt Itch was the best way to start whilst we add content and address bugs/feedback etc.

We will definitely be bringing the game to Steam though! It will likely be towards the end of the year, but we’ll have a page up soon to wishlist the game!


Thanks for the answer, can't wait to buy/play it on steam.

Good luck and good sales for you all.

Best regards.


Our wishlist page is up now!

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Added just know, if you can please post news there to, i know you already have a community on but people are going to start showing and asking questions on steam and it would be great to create a good community on steam too, more people need to start following this great game.

Once again good luck.

I already contacted some people on steam, hope to see more people coming to steam forum (please keep an eye just in case if you have time) i really want to see this game succeed.

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This 'working out the kinks on itch before moving into Steam worked pretty well recently for the German devs of twin-stick Synthetik. I have like 60 hours or so in that. 

The boon and bane of getting onto Steam is there your audience might zoom up a thousand-fold and a small dev team may have its hands full trying to respond to all the feedback at that scale. So if they can get this relatively polished on before its Steam release (or if they go into a Steam early access period), then that should be for the best.

I like Beacon's ideas enough to get it on itch yesterday (my first ever purchase here). :) I'm not very good at it but appreciate what it's trying to do and the general twin-stick shooter gameplay feels good.

Hi @blackjackGT glad to see you in here i tried to reach you on steam, i saw your support on Synthetic and i hope if you can to see your feedback/support  for this game too.


Sure, this is very fresh compared to a lot of what I play/see in this genre and eager to see how it works out. :)

I guess one question is whether it's OK for us to talk about the game over on Steam (if it was OK I would just share some general thoughts on gameplay, not bug-reporting and the like that belongs on itch for now). If it's best to wait until it's actually available on Steam, then I would of course wait. :)


Thank you for your support, it really means a lot to us! Feel free to post on Steam as well but for now any feedback would be responded to in a more timely fashion if it's on here or on our Discord! 

PS Sorry for the late reply, been a hectic week preparing for the new expansion :)