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Hi @blackjackGT glad to see you in here i tried to reach you on steam, i saw your support on Synthetic and i hope if you can to see your feedback/support  for this game too.


Sure, this is very fresh compared to a lot of what I play/see in this genre and eager to see how it works out. :)

I guess one question is whether it's OK for us to talk about the game over on Steam (if it was OK I would just share some general thoughts on gameplay, not bug-reporting and the like that belongs on itch for now). If it's best to wait until it's actually available on Steam, then I would of course wait. :)


Thank you for your support, it really means a lot to us! Feel free to post on Steam as well but for now any feedback would be responded to in a more timely fashion if it's on here or on our Discord! 

PS Sorry for the late reply, been a hectic week preparing for the new expansion :)