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Explore the ancient Labyrinth, dodge enemies, find secrets. · By agarthasoft


A topic by GoldenBoy82 created Oct 12, 2018 Views: 199 Replies: 2
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Hi, sorry to bother, when on steam?


Hi, am aiming for a full release by july-august next year both here on itch and on steam.

Hey, you still working on this game? I'm really enjoying it so far it's a really strong early access release and there's just a couple things here and there it really needs to fully shine. (like a volume control in the options menu and rebindable keys because i don't have a middle mouse button) Would have given more money for this but I was running a bit low. Anyways, keep doing whatever you may be doing and I hope you have a wonderful day. Everyone has done so many things with the character-action genre and I must say this definitely stands out.