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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Steam release?

A topic by Simple John created Dec 13, 2016 Views: 3,456 Replies: 10
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Will this game be released on Steam?

That would be great, in my opinion, to attract players outside the US to buy the game, since it will be in a currency that they are familiar with.

If that happens, I'm sure I would buy it.


It doesn't really matter, we can always get it from paypal.

Developer (1 edit)

Eventually I'd like to get it on Steam, but I think it still needs a lot more work before I'd consider putting it through the Steam Greenlight process.

Like Chilling mentioned, I think checking out with Paypal will show you how much it'll cost in your local currency type? At least I hope it would.

Thanks for posting this. I actually just registered to ask about the timeline regarding MewnBase. I can see from that comment that you feel you have a long ways until it if ready for a full release.

Do you have any estimates as to when MewnBase will be:

1. ready for Steam Greenlight and / or Early Access?
2. ready for full release?

When I see a version number as low as this one, it makes me think it has at least a year, likely longer, before full release. Your thoughts on my queries above?


Honestly I have no idea. I've just been working on it in my spare time over the last year. Could very well be another whole year before I think it's "done". Best I can tell you is like: by summer 2017, it would be nice to be able to get it up up on Steam Early Access... but that totally depends on how far it's come along by then.

I was (very naively) thinking back in the summer that I might try and get it through Greenlight before the end of 2016. That obviously isn't going to happen. There's a few more major chunks of the "core game" that I still need to figure out and implement before I think it'll be ready for Steam.


Thanks for the response. Not what I was hoping for, but I much prefer the truth rather than a response such as 'it's coming' like some devs would do. Good luck with your project!


consider making a steam page as early as possible so people like me that stumlbe upon this game have a way to get notified when it's released (by wishlisting).

If this game were on Steam, I'd be playing it, rather then posting this :D

Look forward to seeing this on Steam.

Please put this game on steam i will auto buy.


Best regards.

I'll buy it anyway, but I'd prefer to have it in my steam library.

Is there a chance to get a steam key, once this game is launched on steam (in case this ever happens), for those who bought the game before?

Having it on steam would solve some problems regarding not being able to find the .exe or other executionable file. It would also take time but might remove some inconveinences

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