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Gloom Doom

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素晴らしいホラーゲーム! (Great horror game!)

* I translated and added my English subtitle in the video. I still need google translate and dictionary since I know few words and can read some Japanese writings.

I really like it! The beginning tells you that something is very very wrong

- I like that every step has the correct sound depending where you walk on

- When I first saw it, I like that it isn't a jump scare. It's just there watching you.

- I like that the screen's border turns red when you see it

Overall it's a good game. Keep it up!

The game is very good with the scares. I was kinda waiting for the "witch" in this game, but sadly there isn't one (I think). Over all:

-the fear level is high

- Even with the compass, It feels as if I'm still getting lost (maybe due to the surroundings all looking almost the same which is pretty effective)

-I feel like something/ someone in the forest doesn't want me to leave

- The house scares is the best one for me. Footsteps, voices, dust falling from the ceiling is well combined.

I did find some secrets in the forest which is a nice add to the mystery.I'm not sure if I found all of them.

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This is amazing! I give a grade of F for Fantastic

- Fantastic scare

- Fantastic art

- Fantastic Protagonist

- Fantastic music

- Fantastic pixel art

- Fantastic Everything!

This cute game suddenly slaps me to back reality that this is a horror game with disturbing scenes.  I do wish in that long corridor area we could run but It ain't much of a big deal

when you mentioned "there is 1 ending but possible differences in the gameplay depending on your choices~" - does that mean on this very game which is just the prologue, I can have more scenarios?

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I did it! I finished the game and the other part. The game itself is great! you hear the enemy, clues are everywhere and puzzles to solve. 

Spoilers beyond this point (more reviews)

Thank god the enemy doesn't chase me all the time when spotted. The area is small and no way to regain health if I get hit

I like that the only music / sound is with the enemy chasing me, it adds the thrill and scare

Not a big problem but the light from the lantern looks as if it's gone when I reach the basement area. The lantern lit up the 1st and 2nd floor but the basement is dark even with the lantern.

for the 2nd part of the game, I needed a translator and luckily got it right! I wish I read this page more, there's an actual walkthrough! I could have checked that when I got stuck in the virus part. But It's satisfying to solve it on my own (with the help of online translator)

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Short and disturbing. Everything I love in horror games are in it! I didn't encounter a single bug/ problem. Hope to see more of your work and keep up the good work! 

Spoilers beyond this point (more reviews)

1. The attention to details is amazing. Mother peeking, mother hiding from the side of the wall, opening one eye. They make me uneasy

2. The closeups works great. You know what to focus on and adds mystery why it's zoomed in

3. The walking speed really tells what the character is going through

4. I kinda laughed when our MC turned pale. I do know the reason why it happened. I guess it's the transition of zooming in and the sound effect when his face turned white

5. I find it strange why my siblings won't talk to me

6. The kids sprites are so cute! 

7. Mother's drawing/ portrait art is very good plus the voice acting is great

8. The ending is a tragic one, what would our little protagonist do? he's so small

Very simple and smooth game play. The design is very cute and events are unexpected

Spoilers beyond here (more review)

1. The music is great. The change of music makes me uneasy

2. I haven't reach the real scare but I get creeped out when the room darkens when I switch location. very nice add

3. I still don't know what the gold rings are for. I did feel like I collected all each stage

4. The sound effects whenever I repair something makes me think something else is with me in the house

5. the monster is slow that gives the player enough time to repair. Although I need to do something at the very last repair since I always get caught

Overall great game! looking forward to your future games

The art style is great! the character design has a lot of details, everything in the game is well made

Spoilers for new players beyond this point:

I thought it's going to be one of those games where I'm the antagonist all along. But I was so wrong, I cried a bit at the end after seeing why this lady has those legs and why that chest is really important to retrieve. 


A question to the Dev: what program do you use to make these games? do you make the artwork in a separate program too? I'm actually interested in making games like these, right now just doing my research.

Very simple controls but tricky puzzles to solve. The jump scares are well distributed and the design of the game is fantastic! 

the game reminds me so much of resident evil 1. So far so good! A nice add on the game is the control guide for keyboard users. I randomly clicked my keyboard to find the reload button

Here's a keyboard guide for new players:

arrow keys- move character

ctrl- action/ interact button

Shift- run

Space bar- aim

Space bar + ctrl- shoot

Space bar + arrow keys- aim up/ down/ left/ right

Enter- Menu/ select item

Backspace- exit menu

It's a very simple game and not too serious.  enjoyed the dialogue of the detective. I was expecting it to be a fun detective game and it is! 

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Successfully finished the game!

The game never drops the suspense. The music used adds up panic, you have to think and solve puzzles faster. I also love the art style in the portrait and cut scenes. I encountered a bug (?) @34:09 (spoilers for new players)

she gets stuck on the carpet but I was able to find another way to continue the story. Maybe you could fix this in your future updates so no matter what side we stood on, the character will still go to the place she needs to stand on. This is the only bug I've encountered 

I checked your website and found 3 more titles. One is a web series and the other is a twitter, the last one is indie web journal. Are you planning to make another game like Beta-2?

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I'd like to leave my review of this game here (I don't do voice over in games so I'll type it all here ) so there will be slight spoiler beyond this point:

1. The game is simple and effective. Direct to the point and doesn't make me go in circles to progress. 

2. Voice acting is surprisingly good, he doesn't just read off a script. There were times he sounded like Liam Neeson. There's one point in game where he still sounded cool and calm after seeing a glimpse of the thing, I was expecting him to be a bit surprised like a gasp or a bit scared in his voice. But in the 2nd half after noticing it again, he actually sound scared which is good!

3. The picking of the chocolate bars made me nervous thinking that it might affect the story. I like that you gave me the choice (I picked almond, not a huge fan of dark chocolate)

4. The music added to the game plus sound effects added the fear and you know you're screwed

5. The monster design is unexpected. he looks like the malboro of the FF games. The design is fine with  me. My guess is that its an alien?

It would be awesome if you make a series of short games or compile all short stories into one game that could be either be connected or separate stories. After making a good number of stories with unique monsters, you can create a game where one protagonist versus all (not in a fight way, more like how to escape them or learning how to defeat them)

Will be waiting for more! ( just read in your description it IS a series. Now I'm very excited)

Edit: I edited a lot due to typo

Just finished your game and I can't wait for more! the letters around the place leaves a mystery and want to see what else is there in that strange town

I do have the same problem with some, even if I change the screen resolution to fit my monitor or even if I drop it to the lowest, Either the subs get cut off or the screen cuts off the subs and the subs size never changed. 

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there's 3 endings?! I have to find that 3rd one, I'll be re uploading the video once I find it (I love completing endings and I think I know how to get it). looking forward for the 2nd game!

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I did it I finished it... I think. was that the end?

The game is very interesting. I'm still Wondering why the nun wants me

Do you plan on making a 2nd game to explain the mystery behind Mother Madeline and what just happened to her victims?

I also encountered a very minor thing- at the long hallway, there are invincible barrier/ item that blocks my path but moving either left or right let's me pass through 

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for strange reasons I can click the credits and exit but the "start" won't let me play

edit: never mind, I just need o restart the game

on PC

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when I reach a spot I can't return, I know I screwed up. was not expecting the enemy to be that, I thought it's more of a paranormal type. I love it!

Hello! I can't tun the set up even with  unityplayer.dll but it says :

There should be 'p3_eecs494_Data'
folder next to the executable

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My god this is disturbing and i love it! I achieved all endings except one. still figuring that one out. 

Edit: I got it all. will upload a video of it soon! Just a quick question, I can't change one of the setting, is it intentional? it adds the creepy factor

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I'm confused. I got the sledge hammer but doesn't let me do anything with it. I tried to interact with the boarded door but does nothing. I tried to use it on everything but it can't be used anywhere. Maybe I'm pressing the wrong button? I can't go through any doors either

Just a hint like what key should I use to use the sledge hammer or is there a particular spot I need to use it on. I've done everything I could possibly do in the game and the only command I could do is pick up items, open doors and hide 

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i get 14 notes and replayed the whole game but can't find it. (it's the bottom right box in the journal) Do i have to play the New game + (permadeath) to unlock it?  Nevermind I found it. I have to complete permadeath 

The end task is so hard to do. I need to use two fingers to finish 

Hello! I enjoyed the game but unable to finish since my computer can't handle the The Night Shift1.0.6.ppsx (it's very slow at the intense part) so i downloaded the 1997-2003 but there's no sound

i thought I was safe under the table.... oh god...

I love it. You can finish the game in 4 minutes if you know what to do. But damn, first time playing gave me a massive panic

I was only able to get 3 endings. are there more? I really like to complete the game 

I played this on mobile I think a year ago. its terrifying how i need to check every area and every single thing i do