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I did it! I finished the game and the other part. The game itself is great! you hear the enemy, clues are everywhere and puzzles to solve. 

Spoilers beyond this point (more reviews)

Thank god the enemy doesn't chase me all the time when spotted. The area is small and no way to regain health if I get hit

I like that the only music / sound is with the enemy chasing me, it adds the thrill and scare

Not a big problem but the light from the lantern looks as if it's gone when I reach the basement area. The lantern lit up the 1st and 2nd floor but the basement is dark even with the lantern.

for the 2nd part of the game, I needed a translator and luckily got it right! I wish I read this page more, there's an actual walkthrough! I could have checked that when I got stuck in the virus part. But It's satisfying to solve it on my own (with the help of online translator)