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I'd like to leave my review of this game here (I don't do voice over in games so I'll type it all here ) so there will be slight spoiler beyond this point:

1. The game is simple and effective. Direct to the point and doesn't make me go in circles to progress. 

2. Voice acting is surprisingly good, he doesn't just read off a script. There were times he sounded like Liam Neeson. There's one point in game where he still sounded cool and calm after seeing a glimpse of the thing, I was expecting him to be a bit surprised like a gasp or a bit scared in his voice. But in the 2nd half after noticing it again, he actually sound scared which is good!

3. The picking of the chocolate bars made me nervous thinking that it might affect the story. I like that you gave me the choice (I picked almond, not a huge fan of dark chocolate)

4. The music added to the game plus sound effects added the fear and you know you're screwed

5. The monster design is unexpected. he looks like the malboro of the FF games. The design is fine with  me. My guess is that its an alien?

It would be awesome if you make a series of short games or compile all short stories into one game that could be either be connected or separate stories. After making a good number of stories with unique monsters, you can create a game where one protagonist versus all (not in a fight way, more like how to escape them or learning how to defeat them)

Will be waiting for more! ( just read in your description it IS a series. Now I'm very excited)

Edit: I edited a lot due to typo


Hey thanks for doing a vid 👌

The voice actor was done by a audio engineer, voice acting isn't his thing but he had the equipment and courage to do it and came out great!

And yes we are planning a series of different story's & who knows maybe there will be a prequel/sequel to Cabin 😉