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Short and disturbing. Everything I love in horror games are in it! I didn't encounter a single bug/ problem. Hope to see more of your work and keep up the good work! 

Spoilers beyond this point (more reviews)

1. The attention to details is amazing. Mother peeking, mother hiding from the side of the wall, opening one eye. They make me uneasy

2. The closeups works great. You know what to focus on and adds mystery why it's zoomed in

3. The walking speed really tells what the character is going through

4. I kinda laughed when our MC turned pale. I do know the reason why it happened. I guess it's the transition of zooming in and the sound effect when his face turned white

5. I find it strange why my siblings won't talk to me

6. The kids sprites are so cute! 

7. Mother's drawing/ portrait art is very good plus the voice acting is great

8. The ending is a tragic one, what would our little protagonist do? he's so small


Thank you so much for your feedback! Your detailing is very helpful! This was the first game the team has done, and we are looking forward to making more in the future! <3