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Successfully finished the game!

The game never drops the suspense. The music used adds up panic, you have to think and solve puzzles faster. I also love the art style in the portrait and cut scenes. I encountered a bug (?) @34:09 (spoilers for new players)

she gets stuck on the carpet but I was able to find another way to continue the story. Maybe you could fix this in your future updates so no matter what side we stood on, the character will still go to the place she needs to stand on. This is the only bug I've encountered 

I checked your website and found 3 more titles. One is a web series and the other is a twitter, the last one is indie web journal. Are you planning to make another game like Beta-2?


Hi! Thank you so much for playing the game and leaving such a kind and in depth review! We have solved the bug and are currently uploading the update. We are definitely looking forward to expanding the Borderline universe, but for now we can only hope more players like you enjoy the experience so we can build a community to support the project. Thanks again for the feedback and the awesome playthrough video!