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No spoilers! You have to figure it out my friend!

Thank you for playing the game! We're glad to hear that you enjoyed it! This game was inspired by all the giants that came before us, including great titles like "Mad Father", "The Witch's House", "Misao" and "Corpse Party".

Hi! Thanks for the feedback! Did you download the game or are you playing from the browser? We tested it but weren't able to find any issues with the saving system. Maybe try refreshing the page? 

Hope it helps! 

Hi! Thank you so much for playing the game and leaving such a kind and in depth review! We have solved the bug and are currently uploading the update. We are definitely looking forward to expanding the Borderline universe, but for now we can only hope more players like you enjoy the experience so we can build a community to support the project. Thanks again for the feedback and the awesome playthrough video!

Hi! Thank you so much for the kind comment! We're glad to hear you enjoyed the game, it makes all our hard work worth the time!

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Hi! Thank you so much for the feedback! You can contact us at with the details so we can address the issue right away!

Thank you so much for the kind comment! We are so happy to hear you enjoyed it and appreciate the support 1000%!

Hi! Thank you so much for playing it! Really glad to hear you're enjoying it. Without giving away too much, the only hint I can give you is that the code is written in blood and that code will lead you to the key. Hope it helps without spoiling it! Good luck!