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This is cool

Can you place it in a zip file because I don't have winrar. pls ?

Wait, the character isn't Zoe??!! now I am even more hyped for the game to be finished. :)

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Hello but before I say my thing I want you to change or I think it cool, you made a game that is amazing even on my toaster! :)

( Take this with a grain of salt its just me opinion )

1.) It was a little confusing that when I want to chose different things from my Inventory I had to scroll down to go right and when I scroll up it goes left and it confused me very much.
2.) My computer is a literal toaster so it was very laggy so It would be cool if you could optimize it a little bit and to put at the settings to make the game a little smaller or more optimize.
3.) This one is just me and my opinion when you are holding a weapon the cursor will change into the square cursor thingy, and if you are not then it will just stay the same. And also when you hold left click the weapon you are holding willjust keep swinging with a cooldown
4.) This game is amazing and nothing else just amazing
5.) the girl version of zote looks like zotes mother so you now maybe change it eehhhhh?
6.) I have no idea how the rolling thing works its like on a bar thingy but I have no clue what to do after the bar is gone.

7.) the game is frickin amazing. :)


Amazing game! keep up the good work :)

This game is amazing, also I think it would be cool to make your own stages :)

By: Stupid Robot Fighting

"I have an 11 yr old daughter who will be entering as well. It's our weekend project. 

Can I enter two games under my own account? One being mine and one being hers."

This is a question from someone else but it was not on here and I also wanna know if you can have two games submitted to the jam so yea :) 

( I'll tell him when I get the answer )

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Love the game! Keep up the good work :)

oki :)

Godot, you just need to download it unlike unity you have to do this setup, put in your email/account and other stuff. I am not saying unity is bad just saying you have to setup alot to get unity working. Anyways Godot is nice :)

When the rating phase is going on, can you update the game? or you can only update the game only after the jam ends?

12 year old gang :D here is mine :)

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Amazing game! love it :D

Thankyou ! :)

Thankyou very much! this is really appreciated :D

My game is pretty short but I think its good

Amazing love the game, love the art, the sound effects, level design. is very good game :D

Thankyou very much! and I will be making more levels :D

oki :D

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I think Godot is simple to use but a little limited, unity is a little too complex for my little brain to comprehend and has alot of tools to use. Unreal.... I don't know really :)

If you wanna make pixel art pixelorama is free and simple to use.

Can you update the game in the rating phase? or you can update the game only after the game jam ends?

This is mine :D its pretty short but its very nice:


Thanks! also yeah I had to time to add in challenging levels but when I update the game you'll find more levels and some challenging ones too I hope. :D

Thankyou very much! :D

Here is my game its short but its nice :)

Here ya go :D press for game

here is my game hope you like it :D

Amazing game! very polished and love the pixel art! :D (pip is very cute!)

The game is pretty cool! but in he beginning I did not know I had to restock the towers so they could shoot enemies and was kind of annoying at first, anyways the game is pretty polished and would Like the enemies to drop more loop cause the towers cost so much and that's all really! :)

Thank you so much! :)

Thankyou! also yea I tried to add difficult levels but I had no time in the end so I decided to make levels I thought would be quick but a little challenging at the same time. :D

Thank you very much! when I first made the prototype I felt something was missing I added the art and every thing felt, bland then I had the idea of putting text and that helped alot. :D

Thank you! :)

Thanks! :D

Thankyou very much! :D