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im hot garbage when it comes to any kind of design. Im can just program very well and make art that looks ok at best. So any help is apreciated

That's why i keep those goofy ah games still published and not drafted, hoping that someone would click my profile and play my other games. The siren head games were mostly just me testing the waters with something I found cool 2 years ago. Now that i shifted directions, it didn't quite work out. I also don't wanna make meme horror games for the rest of my life, but maybe it's a good way of raising some kind of popularity, although a weird one. Sure why not, ill just follow another random trend and make a game about it.

But that still begs the question of how do i get views, downloads and feedback without following a trend. Reddit posts and contacting YouTubers/streamers didn't work out so well but there must be other ways than that right?

You prove a good point that caring about numbers is a bad thing and that I should focus more on individual people, but dude I don't even have that. People on my Reddit posts just say it looks cool, like bruh can you play the game please?

Also about branching out, where do i do that apart from some random forums where i hope that someone will playtest my game. Some people did say they were gonna playtest the game but i never got any feedback from them. It's really hard to stay motivated if people don't give a damn about your game and ignore you. Like sure, woohoo i got a download but how will i know if they didn't just play for 10 minutes only to deinstall the game? I get it, nothing is guaranteed to work out, but I've been making this game for a year and a half and i don't want it to go to waste because i believe it really has some potential to maybe even blow up one day.
Like believe me, i would much rather have a dude say why my game is shit rather than radio silence.

Is there a formula that makes games blow up, or at the very least have some YouTubers cover the game and give live feedback? I hoped that maybe devlogs would bring the game some light but nope, still nothing. Is there a forum or a list of YouTubers that cover indie games for me to try again in branching out and maybe getting some individuals that will gladly play my game? Or is there maybe a company or a team that will be interested in the game? Like yeah sure, the point of indie game development is for it to be fun but i also want this to be my job in the near future.

To sum up, I'm not trying to be needy I'm just trying to make someone play my game and hopefully that someone would be a twitch streamer or a Youtuber, actually, you know what?  The individual doesn't even have to be a Youtuber/streamer im just trying to get some good constructive critisism.

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Hello, i have a bit of a problem and that's that I don't know how to promote my game or maybe I'm doing it wrong. I listened to some threads and forums and concluded that the best site to post my game was Reddit, I have a couple of posts there and my best one broke 10 upvotes (I know crazy), here is the post for those of you who want to analyze:

And from Reddit, I got an astonishing 40 views and 3 downloads over the course of almost 100 days. Maybe its my site:

I read over and over about how to promote my game but to no avail. I read some other posts and they said i should contact a YouTuber or a twitch streamer. I contacted 10+ YouTubers and a few streamers that might be interested in my game, but that was 2 months ago and not gonna lie i don't think they are ever gonna answer back. Maybe its the fact that this is a tower defence game? is it a dying or a dead genre of games? i enjoy them very much but if people don't play them what can i do? Should i pack my bags and call this a loss or do something different? Also my game has 140 views and 10 downloads

Also some info about me, I'm a high schooler and i have 0 budget. So if you recommend me to pay something, i can't because i don't have a credit card.

I like the idea, however there is still a lot of work to be done.

-The rocket doesn't go towards the cursor but it goes to the left for some reason.

-The rocket explosion size is very small. It leads to a lot of misses.

-Sounds aren't good, they barely have any impact on the game and aren't fun to mess around with. Launch/jump/hit ground/Rocket explosion, sound effects are pretty dull and don't have that 'oomph' sound that makes it satisfying to play around with. Music would be very good to add.

-The game isn't optimized, Explosions have a lot of particles and are heavy to render. Reduce the texture size, amount of particles instantiated, or add an object pooling system.

-For this being a parkour game, it's very slow.

-Add some camera effects to better visualise high or low speed.

-Maybe add a rocket model with animations.

-Add some enemies, power-ups, and abilities to spice up gameplay.

-Settings menu needs more options

That's all I gotta say. Good luck with your future endeavours.

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Hello! I have been developing this game for a year. I published the game and... nothing. I get some views and downloads here and there but, except for my friend, no one ever comments. I don't know if the game is good or not because i don't get feedback, i dunno what to improve. It's been 2 months since publishing and i didn't even break 100 views.

For anyone interested in the game, here is the basic concept of Chapter 1. Most of the enemies can attack, heal or use magic against your towers. To deal with this, some towers have stun defence and abilities to help with their attacks. Not only that but you as the player have a set of 2 very powerful abilities to help your towers or directly attack the enemies. You will also find that with every victory against the enemies, you become duller and duller and maybe even contemplate actually killing them. That's what the story of the game is supposed to do at least, make you feel like enemies aren't just mindless punching bags but actual people.

Any feedback, whether negative or positive is appreciated.
Game link:

New version out

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Could you elaborate grey areas between archetypes more? I don't quite understand you. Do you mean games should be a combination of 2 or more things?

About the stifling part, i love call of duty advanced warfare and infinite warfare. I love the changed formula of adding verticality control and just the futuristic theme was awesome. But apparently, it was hated because it changed from the normal call of duty that followed historical war stories. Like bruh, i don't wanna play Cod ww2 every single year. There are more examples, this is just the one that came to mind. This is what you meant by that "require everything to be precisely this or that" part, right? And if it is, then i don't mind it.

Also, i played Mario 64 when i was 9 or younger on those big ass Televisons. I completed the full game, i remember almost everything. The desert, the castle, the penguins, that big bomb with a moustache and of course Bowser. But, I'm not gonna say that something is good just because it makes people or me feel Nostalgic.  And once again, if you feel the game is good and you have fun playing it then who am i to stop you? You aren't going to change my opinion that the game is supposed to be a scary experience with a super Mario theme, and I'm not gonna change your opinion that this game is supposed to be whatever you interpret it like. 

You take this as a nostalgia trip, i take this as an aspiring game developer trying to make a full game for people to enjoy and get spooked. Also, the game was on medium difficulty, I suppose that wasn't enough to stop me from easily outrunning her and not use chests. When a full game comes out, I will once again make a video on this on the hardest difficulty, because I want to see the horror aspect shine. If you want to play just to see the castle, then isn't that misinterpreting the fact that this is a horror game and not a collecting simulator? Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

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If simply running the exe file from zip file doesn't work

Download zip file, put it on your dekstop or anywhere you want. After that right click the zip folder and find an option extract here. Once you extract it, you should see a yellow folder with the same name as the zip file. Open the yellow folder and find the game icon.

Make sure that the EXE file is still in the folder. Don't move the exe from the folder.

If you haven't seen it, there is an install instruction above the download game button

You shouldn't have a problem downloading the game if it's on windows, message me back if it's another operating system or if there are other problems.

A low poly game,

The monster can only see you in the light, you can hide in darkness however it can hear you if you are running or are too close to him. There are spawnables around the map, which are random, and each one can give you a weapon piece, give you ammo shells, make you hidden, boost your stamina, or make your footsteps almost silent. Once you collect 3 weapon pieces you have to assemble them in a workshop and then use the weapon to kill the Monster. If you run out of ammo then you are pretty much dead. To help you with running away from the creature there are a few hiding spots around the map that you can use to crawl into. Also the creature can use psychological illusions to scare you.

I made this in a week btw, also make sure to rate your experience and have fun.

Wished it was a bit longer. Overall it's great for a short experience.

Cope + don't care + go to gym + learn the difference between hate and criticism

I said it's an asset flip because i couldn't find anything original, visual or mechanics-wise. Usually, I find something good, but this is too simple for it being a demo.  A demo has some new or interesting mechanic that makes it distinct and unique from other games. Im not saying it should have been a 10 hour experience for me to rate it good, i was saying that there could have been something to make it interesting for a short experience and excite people about what's coming. 

Also just like you said, i don't mind free or paid assets. Making a game with some assets that don't belong to you is perfectly fine and i don't mind it at all, as long as it isn't stealing. Also i know these assets here aren't stolen, just sayin

The reason i said the game is 5% his, is because these free assets aren't his. It's only the simple programming.

The video shown is just supposed to poke fun at how not scary the game is. I mean, i just walked through the whole castle without being killed. The main point of a horror game is for there to be a threat, either real or psychological,  but there wasn't any. That's the point of the video, just a showcase on what to stop the player from doing and to make me fearful. Just spamming a bunch of scary sounds isn't scary.

Also, do i really sound that hostile towards the developer? I just want to be informative and direct, sorry about hurt feelings i guess. I never meant to say that this game should stop its production, I'm saying it should focus on upgrading because it can be good.

Anything else i should answer?

It's just an asset flip with a simple monster and player controller. There is no reason to use chests to hide because you can always outrun the monster. The full game better be good to overshadow this horrible demo experience. I have no good things to say about the game because 95% of the game isn't yours. Only the coding part is, and it's the most basic thing I've ever seen.

What I want you to do right now is research. Look at other horror games and why they are good. Don't make scripted jumpscares, make the monster more predictable while still keeping it spooky.  Make the monster faster than the player, but make it so that I can outrun the monster for a short while until I get inside a chest so I would have an incentive to hide.  Make the sprint last less and recharge slower, it's overpowered.

I dunno what you are gonna add for the full game, but that's up for you to decide and make it scary and original.

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Monster has improved vision now.

The game is fine for a short experience but it lacks a good atmosphere, I like the idea of the monsters not making a sound so what you could do is make it so that the water makes sound and that it's similar to the sound the monsters make when running so it would be hard to differentiate. Remove the faster diagonal movement because all I did was bunny hop and beat the game easily. And also remove the monsters from the minimap as it takes away from the spookiness because I can always see where they are. Overall not bad, but could be better.

I like the initial idea, but there are a few problems. I like the fact that every tower has health and that enemies can damage them, this makes it so that i always have to watch the screen if a tower dies making it an interesting bullet hell. On the final level the bullet hell aspect gets out of control, with tanks and planes constantly killing your stuff. Another thing i like is that the best tower is the one with the lowest health, giving you an incentive to purchase lower-tier towers because of their higher health to tank for your better towers. However, this also makes it frustrating as the planes constantly damage everything and increase in numbers as the game progresses, especially on the final level. It just makes you lose without feeling like it's your fault because there is no way to counter the planes. Maybe add a tower that shoots the planes so that my towers don't die in 2 seconds. Another bad thing is the targeting, half of the time they shoot the first enemy, other it's either the last or the strongest enemy. Also, the main reason the game has difficulty is because of the planes, it doesn't take a lot of brain power to spam red and green towers in the beginning to counter the tanks.  And the missile tower just destroys everything.

My suggestions
-make it so that planes have health and add a tower that only attacks planes
-fix the targetting so that it's predictable
-Reduce the number of planes but increase the number of enemies, their health and reduce the money they give by a bit.
-Add a difficulty choosing a system.                                                                                                      -Make it so that when i place a tower i can see the range of it                                                             -Increase the price of the missile turret so that the other missile turret doesn't get overshadowed      -Maybe add towers with effects like slowing or fire. But im afraid the game might get bloated if you do that

The game right now is just, place green and red turrets, wait for moni, spam missiles and red towers, and hope that they don't get destroyed in 2 seconds by the insane number of planes.

Absolutely loved it. The Perfection and Sacrifice aspect was great, as well as other things that i can't say because of spoilers. The only minus i have about the game is that it's a demo.

Considering these pages are supposed to be devlogs i thought why not update anyone reading

Currently, i made a working main menu with a working save system and placeholders, this is not the final design but I'm happy everything works. A thing I'm planning to add is an almanac for each enemy, tower and environment encountered so i will lose time on that. It's much easier to share the lore of the game that way because it's optional. If you don't care for the lore and want to play the game that's completely fine. There will be skippable cutscenes as well,  so another time loss but it will all be worth it in the end.

You might be wondering why are we using modern technology while the enemies are all medival. Well hard to say without spoiling the game,  but the basic info i can give is that other civilizations want your technology. Why? Who are the other civilizations? How did humans coexist with them? Information i will reveal when the game releases.

Almost every single instance of spawning objects is fully optimized.  Things like enemies and abilities all use Object pooling, which means i can spawn 1000 enemies at once and it will take 1 second to load all of them and you will experience minimal fps loss. Towers dont have object pooling because they are spawned every time you want, one at a time.

I added Air support ability which will be the final ability for the demo unless i figure out something else to add. Any ideas would be cool tbh.

Also, another thing i have is a release date, at the very least i expect it to be finished at the start of August. And at its earliest, i expect the start of July.

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The only thing i didn't make can be found on this website

Free low poly weapons vol.1. It's very good for what it is and has some variety, but everything else is pretty much mine. That shouldn't be a problem with the game getting copyrighted i think. Also, there is some music on youtube i found for the game because i can't make music no matter how much i try. But it's most likely not gonna be released with music, because i won't be able to pay anything if something happens and i don't wanna risk it. There are also some free assets made by unity when it came to making skyboxes, some textures and some particles but that's just a part of the unity engine.

The first thing i want to say without any details about the game is about possible copyright problems. The game is very much inspired by Roblox tower defense games but it's only in looks. Functionality and animations are much different. I am very much inexperienced in this copyright system so any help is appreciated.

The game is made 100% solo by me,  and i have one playtester. The reason why i wanted to release a tower defense game in this style is because i was so captivated by the idea that you can control a character in a 3D setting and place towers to fight. However, i found flaws in every single one of these that could be fixed in my way. I could have made the game in the Roblox engine but i didn't because of 2 reasons. Reason 1 is that it would take WAY to long to learn a new engine, and i wanted to continue from an engine i already know. Why? Simply i don't have enough time to finish the game before University.                                                                                                                                                          Reason 2 is that i won't be paid anything if the game was in any margin successful because Roblox is greedy.

Anyway here are some pictures i saved from many points in the development. You will definitely see similarities.

The Game functionality for Chapter 1 is simple. 

You have a set of towers to place. Some specialize in tanking stuns from enemies, some can freeze enemies in special ways with stacking potential, some can apply a critical damage buff that stays on a target, some specialize in crowd control, Some specialize in generating money, etc.

There are towers with various roles that you will have to figure out to fit into your gameplay.

However, relying completely on towers won't be of much use. That's why you will have a set of 2 abilities of your choosing, currently there are only adrenaline shot and ground support.

Mixing these two things will ensure your success, especially on harder difficulties.

That's where the gameplay is at the moment. So any thoughts if i should continue development or stop completely?


This was a problem i see people run into. If the music from the radio annoys you, steping on the radio will destroy it. If you run , people can hear you from a further distance, walking reduces the noise. Running for to long will reduce your speed make sure to take a rest from time to time. Any more problems you run into tell me.

not gonna lie, very epik