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Good that you like it! :)

Wow! This game has potencial to be improved.

Amazing job! :)

What did I just play XD

Nice game dude! :)

Pretty solid game, only bosses felt somewhat unfair.

Nice job!

The good feeling of a retro game. Nice job!

The playability, the sound, the sensations were pretty good. Just the somewhat unpredictable jump mechanic (at least for me).

Very good game! :)

You right, there is still a lot to polish to improve the game.

¡Thanks for the feedback! :)

Thanks for the appreciation! :)

Indeed, sound and better animations would improve the game. 

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Whatever use you want to give it.

It is not necessary but I would appreciate being present in the credits :)

As many projects as you want :)

Also, I'd glad if you share what you have done.

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You can use it for the project you wish :)

I love the idea!

I would like to add 2 of my paid assets.

A very interesting concept. Although I did not feel clear how to get it to play properly. Maybe having more appropriate control would be a more convoluted, good job anyway.

Good art and an interesting game concept. If the control was a little bit more flexible and faster in my opinion I would say it would be better. Good job.

Hard. Maybe better jump control would have made the gameplay feel less unfair. Anyway, you managed to do something very entertaining. Congratulations!

A pretty nice art although somewhat confusing mechanics in my opinion. Nice job.

It looks great, simpler control would have made the game more enjoyable overall. Nice job.

Simple and fit the theme of the Jam. Nice job.

It looks hard and even unfair (possibly also because I'm not exactly good). With better jump control it would greatly improve its playability. Nice job.

Beautiful art and good gameplay. Very good work!

Minimalist but with a nice idea. Nice job.

Very good, with big potential. Even with the little time you had you managed to do something quite entertaining. Congratulations!

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Good idea for this Jam and everything seems that if you had had more time, it would have even more potential. Good job.

With more variety of obstacles and a slightly faster pace it would be even better, but based on the duration of this Jam it is quite good. Good job.

Simple, but overall a pretty good game that fits with the theme of jam, congratulations!

The concept is very interesting, but in practice I don't think the game provides all the information that it could provide.

Thanks for the feedback!

The rhythm of the game ended up being a little bit faster than I was thinking that I'm seeing that it should be reduced, not much but it is necessary.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Even though it took me longer than it should have, I really like what I have done, and yes, the game needs more sound to provide information about what is going on.

Hyper Game Jam community · Created a new topic Discord?


Is there a discord channel?

Looks great. 

It would be even better if the "jumping" state were more fluid.

Enjoyable to play  but, is it a bug? level change in game.

"Sorry, but i speak spanish and i'm thinking making a short story game and i would like to translate with google translate but if it's not necessary i wouldn't. I say this because i don't want to you to think that has spelling issues :)"

 That's more or less what he says.

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-W,A,S,D and enter(return).


-W to go foward.

-S to back off.

-"Space" to sprint.

-R to recover stamina.

Bastante entretenido, añadiría el mejorar el movimiento del personaje para hacerlo aún mejor :).